Federico Morelli
Federico Morelli
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Can roads, railways and related structures have positive effects on birds?–A review
F Morelli, M Beim, L Jerzak, D Jones, P Tryjanowski
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 30, 21-31, 2014
Evidence of evolutionary homogenization of bird communities in urban environments across Europe
F Morelli, Y Benedetti, JD Ibáñez‐Álamo, J Jokimäki, R Mänd, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 25 (11), 1284-1293, 2016
Landscape heterogeneity metrics as indicators of bird diversity: determining the optimal spatial scales in different landscapes
F Morelli, F Pruscini, R Santolini, P Perna, Y Benedetti, D Sisti
Ecological indicators 34, 372-379, 2013
Birds as useful indicators of high nature value (HNV) farmland in Central Italy
F Morelli, L Jerzak, P Tryjanowski
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Relative importance of marginal vegetation (shrubs, hedgerows, isolated trees) surrogate of HNV farmland for bird species distribution in Central Italy
F Morelli
Ecological Engineering 57, 261-266, 2013
Global loss of avian evolutionary uniqueness in urban areas
JD Ibáñez‐Álamo, E Rubio, Y Benedetti, F Morelli
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Urbanization affects neophilia and risk-taking at bird-feeders
P Tryjanowski, AP Møller, F Morelli, W Biaduń, T Brauze, M Ciach, ...
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Presence of cuckoo reliably indicates high bird diversity: a case study in a farmland area
P Tryjanowski, F Morelli
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Plasticity of habitat selection by Red-backed Shrikes (Lanius collurio) breeding in different landscapes
F Morelli
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Taxonomic diversity, functional diversity and evolutionary uniqueness in bird communities of Beijing's urban parks: Effects of land use and vegetation structure
F Morelli, Y Benedetti, T Su, B Zhou, D Moravec, P ©ímová, W Liang
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 23, 84-92, 2017
Who started first? Bird species visiting novel birdfeeders
P Tryjanowski, F Morelli, P Skórka, A Goławski, P Indykiewicz, AP Møller, ...
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Cuckoo and biodiversity: Testing the correlation between species occurrence and bird species richness in Europe
F Morelli, F Jiguet, J Reif, S Plexida, AS Valli, P Indykiewicz, P ©ímová, ...
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Make EU trade with Brazil sustainable
L Kehoe, T Reis, M Virah-Sawmy, A Balmford, T Kuemmerle, A Knohl, ...
Science 364 (6438), 2019
Il Progetto di “Rete Ecologica della Regione Marche”(REM): per il monitoraggio e la gestione dei siti Natura 2000 e l’organizzazione in rete delle aree di maggiore naturalità
E Biondi, A Catorci, M Pandolfi, S Casavecchia, S Pesaresi, S Galassi, ...
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F Morelli, R Santolini, D Sisti
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 24 (2), 127-139, 2012
Bird diversity in urban green space: A large-scale analysis of differences between parks and cemeteries in Central Europe
P Tryjanowski, F Morelli, P Mikula, A Kriątín, P Indykiewicz, ...
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Social media and scientific research are complementary—YouTube and shrikes as a case study
Ł Dylewski, P Mikula, P Tryjanowski, F Morelli, R Yosef
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No species is an island: testing the effects of biotic interactions on models of avian niche occupation
F Morelli, P Tryjanowski
Ecology and evolution 5 (3), 759-768, 2015
Quantifying effects of spatial heterogeneity of farmlands on bird species richness by means of similarity index pairwise
F Morelli
International Journal of Biodiversity 2013, 2013
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