George Kaptay
George Kaptay
University of Miskolc, Dep Nanotech / MTA-ME Mater Sci Res Group / BAY-ENG Dep Mater Development
E-mail megerősítve itt: uni-miskolc.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
On the equation of the maximum capillary pressure induced by solid particles to stabilize emulsions and foams and on the emulsion stability diagrams
G Kaptay
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 282, 387-401, 2006
Aluminium reinforced by WC and TiC nanoparticles (ex-situ) and aluminide particles (in-situ): Microstructure, wear and corrosion behaviour
A Lekatou, AE Karantzalis, A Evangelou, V Gousia, G Kaptay, Z Gácsi, ...
Materials & Design (1980-2015) 65, 1121-1135, 2015
A unified equation for the viscosity of pure liquid metals
G Kaptay
International Journal of Materials Research 96 (1), 24-31, 2021
A new equation for the temperature dependence of the excess Gibbs energy of solution phases
G Kaptay
Calphad 28 (2), 115-124, 2004
On the size and shape dependence of the solubility of nano-particles in solutions
G Kaptay
International journal of pharmaceutics 430 (1-2), 253-257, 2012
Nano-Calphad: extension of the Calphad method to systems with nano-phases and complexions
G Kaptay
Journal of materials science 47, 8320-8335, 2012
A unified model for the cohesive enthalpy, critical temperature, surface tension and volume thermal expansion coefficient of liquid metals of bcc, fcc and hcp crystals
G Kaptay
Materials Science and Engineering: A 495 (1-2), 19-26, 2008
Electrochemical synthesis of refractory borides from molten salts
G Kaptay, SA Kuznetsov
Plasmas & Ions 2 (2), 45-56, 1999
The sol–gel synthesis of cotton/TiO2 composites and their antibacterial properties
OL Galkina, A Sycheva, А Blagodatskiy, G Kaptay, VL Katanaev, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 253, 171-179, 2014
The Gibbs equation versus the Kelvin and the Gibbs-Thomson equations to describe nucleation and equilibrium of nano-materials
G Kaptay
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 12 (3), 2625-2633, 2012
On the tendency of solutions to tend toward ideal solutions at high temperatures
G Kaptay
Metallurgical and materials transactions A 43, 531-543, 2012
Thermodynamic description of the Al–Mg–Si system using a new formulation for the temperature dependence of the excess Gibbs energy
Y Tang, Y Du, L Zhang, X Yuan, G Kaptay
Thermochimica acta 527, 131-142, 2012
Partial surface tension of components of a solution
G Kaptay
Langmuir 31 (21), 5796-5804, 2015
Interfacial criterion of spontaneous and forced engulfment of reinforcing particles by an advancing solid/liquid interface
G Kaptay
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Wettability of carbon surfaces by pure molten alkali chlorides and their penetration into a porous graphite substrate
P Baumli, G Kaptay
Materials Science and Engineering: A 495 (1-2), 192-196, 2008
Classification and general derivation of interfacial forces, acting on phases, situated in the bulk, or at the interface of other phases
G Kaptay
Journal of Materials Science 40, 2125-2131, 2005
Modelling equilibrium grain boundary segregation, grain boundary energy and grain boundary segregation transition by the extended Butler equation
G Kaptay
Journal of materials science 51, 1738-1755, 2016
A coherent set of model equations for various surface and interface energies in systems with liquid and solid metals and alloys
G Kaptay
Advances in colloid and interface science 283, 102212, 2020
Fabrication of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites via a titanium-ion containing flux
P Baumli, J Sychev, I Budai, JT Szabo, G Kaptay
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 44, 47-50, 2013
Perfect wettability of carbon by liquid aluminum achieved by a multifunctional flux
P Baumli, J Sytchev, G Kaptay
Journal of materials science 45, 5177-5190, 2010
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