Markos Petousis
Markos Petousis
Hellenic Mediterranean University
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Hivatkozott rá
Affordable bimodal optical sensors to spread the use of automated insect monitoring
I Potamitis, I Rigakis, N Vidakis, M Petousis, M Weber
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On the strain rate sensitivity of abs and abs plus fused deposition modeling parts
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Neoclassical facial canons in young adults
GV Zacharopoulos, A Manios, E De Bree, CH Kau, M Petousis, ...
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Designing experiments to study welding processes: using the Taguchi method
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Experimental determination of the tensile strength of fused deposition modeling parts
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J Kechagias, M Petousis, N Vidakis, N Mastorakis
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3D Printed Thermoelectric Polyurethane/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites: A Novel Approach towards the Fabrication of Flexible and Stretchable Organic Thermoelectrics
L Tzounis, M Petousis, S Grammatikos, N Vidakis
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Evaluation of an intact, an ACL-deficient, and a reconstructed human knee joint finite element model
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Enhancing undergraduate courses with internships
A Vairis, K Loulakakis, M Petousis
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Model for surface-roughness parameters determination in a virtual machine shop environment
N Bilalis, M Petousis, A Antoniadis
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Mechanical Properties of 3D-Printed Acrylonitrile–Butadiene–Styrene TiO2 and ATO Nanocomposites
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Mechanical and Electrical Properties Investigation of 3D-Printed Acrylonitrile–Butadiene–Styrene Graphene and Carbon Nanocomposites
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On the Strain Rate Sensitivity of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Processed PLA, ABS, PETG, PA6, and PP Thermoplastic Polymers
N Vidakis, M Petousis, E Velidakis, M Liebscher, V Mechtcherine, ...
Polymers 12 (12), 2924, 2020
The mechanical and physical properties of 3D-Printed materials composed of ABS-ZnO nanocomposites and ABS-ZnO microcomposites
N Vidakis, M Petousis, A Maniadi, E Koudoumas, G Kenanakis, ...
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A comprehensive investigation of the mechanical behavior and the dielectrics of pure polylactic acid (PLA) and PLA with graphene (GnP) in fused deposition modeling (FDM)
N Vidakis, M Petousis, K Savvakis, A Maniadi, E Koudoumas
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A parametric determination of bending and Charpy’s impact strength of ABS and ABS-plus fused deposition modeling specimens
N Vidakis, M Petousis, A Vairis, K Savvakis, A Maniadi
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Intellectual property teaching as part of an engineering degree
A Vairis, M Petousis
Engineering Leaders Conference 2014 on Engineering Education 2015 (4), 45, 2015
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