Irinyi Laszlo
Irinyi Laszlo
Westmead Institute for Medical Research, The University of Sydney
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Hivatkozott rá
One fungus, which genes? Development and assessment of universal primers for potential secondary fungal DNA barcodes
JB Stielow, CA Levesque, KA Seifert, W Meyer, L Iriny, D Smits, ...
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CL Schoch, B Robbertse, V Robert, D Vu, G Cardinali, L Irinyi, W Meyer, ...
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International Society of Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM)-ITS reference DNA barcoding database—the quality controlled standard tool for routine identification of human and …
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MycoBank gearing up for new horizons
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DNA barcoding of fungi causing infections in humans and animals
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Combined application of methods to taxonomic identification of Saccharomyces strains in fermenting botrytized grape must
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Scedosporium and Lomentospora: an updated overview of underrated opportunists
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Taxonomical re-evaluation of Phoma-like soybean pathogenic fungi
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Advances in taxonomy of genus Phoma: polyphyletic nature and role of phenotypic traits and molecular systematics
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Online databases for taxonomy and identification of pathogenic fungi and proposal for a cloud-based dynamic data network platform
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Preliminary study of the oral mycobiome of children with and without dental caries
JM Fechney, GV Browne, N Prabhu, L Irinyi, W Meyer, T Hughes, ...
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Mycoparasitism and antagonistic efficiency of Trichoderma reesei against Botrytis spp.
M El-Naggar, G Kövics, EM Karaffa, LM Irinyi
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Database establishment for the secondary fungal DNA barcode translational elongation factor 1α (TEF1α)
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Dual DNA barcoding for the molecular identification of the agents of invasive fungal infections
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Phoma-like fungi on soybeans
GJ Kövics, E Sándor, MK Rai, L Irinyi
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Genetic differences in Chlamydia pecorum between neighbouring sub-populations of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)
CM Fernandez, LJ Schmertmann, DP Higgins, A Casteriano, L Irinyi, ...
Veterinary microbiology 231, 264-270, 2019
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