Wuming Gong
Wuming Gong
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Hivatkozott rá
PVT1 dependence in cancer with MYC copy-number increase
YY Tseng, BS Moriarity, W Gong, R Akiyama, A Tiwari, H Kawakami, ...
Nature 512 (7512), 82-86, 2014
DrImpute: imputing dropout events in single cell RNA sequencing data
W Gong, IY Kwak, P Pota, N Koyano-Nakagawa, DJ Garry
BMC bioinformatics 19 (1), 1-10, 2018
Cooperative interaction of Etv2 and Gata2 regulates the development of endothelial and hematopoietic lineages
X Shi, J Richard, KM Zirbes, W Gong, G Lin, M Kyba, JA Thomson, ...
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siRecords: an extensive database of mammalian siRNAs with efficacy ratings
Y Ren, W Gong, Q Xu, X Zheng, D Lin, Y Wang, T Li
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Integrated siRNA design based on surveying of features associated with high RNAi effectiveness
W Gong, Y Ren, Q Xu, Y Wang, D Lin, H Zhou, T Li
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PepCyber: P∼ PEP: a database of human protein–protein interactions mediated by phosphoprotein-binding domains
W Gong, D Zhou, Y Ren, Y Wang, Z Zuo, Y Shen, F Xiao, Q Zhu, A Hong, ...
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Generation of human endothelium in pig embryos deficient in ETV2
S Das, N Koyano-Nakagawa, O Gafni, G Maeng, BN Singh, T Rasmussen, ...
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Homeostatic adaptations in brain energy metabolism in mouse models of Huntington disease
I Tkac, PG Henry, L Zacharoff, M Wedel, W Gong, DK Deelchand, T Li, ...
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siDRM: an effective and generally applicable online siRNA design tool
W Gong, Y Ren, H Zhou, Y Wang, S Kang, T Li
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A conserved HH-Gli1-Mycn network regulates heart regeneration from newt to human
BN Singh, N Koyano-Nakagawa, W Gong, IP Moskowitz, CV Weaver, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-18, 2018
Stem cell–derived cardiomyocytes and beta-adrenergic receptor blockade in duchenne muscular dystrophy cardiomyopathy
F Kamdar, S Das, W Gong, A Klaassen Kamdar, TA Meyers, P Shah, ...
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 75 (10), 1159-1174, 2020
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Dpath software reveals hierarchical haemato-endothelial lineages of Etv2 progenitors based on single-cell transcriptome analysis
W Gong, TL Rasmussen, BN Singh, N Koyano-Nakagawa, W Pan, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-12, 2017
The Etv2-miR-130a Network Regulates Mesodermal Specification
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Inferring dynamic gene regulatory networks in cardiac differentiation through the integration of multi-dimensional data
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BMC bioinformatics 16 (1), 1-16, 2015
Humanized skeletal muscle in MYF5/MYOD/MYF6-null pig embryos
G Maeng, S Das, SM Greising, W Gong, BN Singh, S Kren, D Mickelson, ...
Nature Biomedical Engineering 5 (8), 805-814, 2021
Pathologic Stimulus Determines Lineage Commitment of Cardiac C-kit+ Cells
Z Chen, W Zhu, I Bender, W Gong, IY Kwak, A Yellamilli, TJ Hodges, ...
Circulation 136 (24), 2359-2372, 2017
Feedback regulation of NEUROG2 activity by MTGR1 is required for progression of neurogenesis
JD Aaker, AL Patineau, H Yang, DT Ewart, W Gong, T Li, Y Nakagawa, ...
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Sall4 regulates neuromesodermal progenitors and their descendants during body elongation in mouse embryos
N Tahara, H Kawakami, KQ Chen, A Anderson, M Yamashita Peterson, ...
Development 146 (14), dev177659, 2019
Etv2-miR-130a-Jarid2 cascade regulates vascular patterning during embryogenesis
BN Singh, N Tahara, Y Kawakami, S Das, N Koyano-Nakagawa, W Gong, ...
PLoS One 12 (12), e0189010, 2017
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