Oksengendler B. L.
Oksengendler B. L.
Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
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Subthreshold defect production in silicon
MS Yunusov, MA Zaikovskaya, BL Oksengendler, KR Tokhirov
Phys. Status Solidi (a);(German Democratic Republic) 35 (2), 1976
Current state and perspectives for organo-halide perovskite solar cells. Part 1. Crystal structures and thin film formation, morphology, processing, degradation, stability …
N Ashurov, BL Oksengendler, S Maksimov, S Rashiodva, AR Ishteev, ...
Modern Electronic Materials 3 (1), 1-25, 2017
Synergetics in multiple exciton generation effect in quantum dots
NN Turaeva, BL Oksengendler, I Uralov
Applied Physics Letters 98 (24), 243103, 2011
Peculiarities of radiation-induced defect formation in nanocrystals embedded in a solid matrix
BL Oksengendler, NN Turaeva, SE Maksimov, FG Djurabekova
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 111, 415-420, 2010
On the degradation mechanism of functioning solar cells based on organic-inorganic perovskites
BL Oksengendler, OB Ismailova, MB Marasulov, IZ Urolov
Applied Solar Energy 50, 255-259, 2014
Statistical theory of multiple exciton generation in quantum dot solar cells
BL Oksengendler, NN Turaeva, SS Rashidova
Applied Solar Energy 45, 162-165, 2009
Synergetic theory of catastrophic failures in the problem of radiation stability of solid-state electronics materials
BL Oksengendler, SE Maksimov, NN Turaeva, FG Djurabekova
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2014
Magnetic nanoparticles. Metrological aspects
VN Nikiforov, BL Oxengendler, NN Turaeva, AV Nikiforov, VG Sredin
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 291 (1), 012009, 2011
Surface tamm states at curved surfaces of ionic crystals
BL Oksengendler, NN Turaeva
Doklady Physics 55 (10), 477, 2010
Direct conversion of the water adsorption energy to electricity on the surface of zirconia nanoparticles
AS Doroshkevich, EB Asgerov, AV Shylo, AI Lyubchyk, AI Logunov, ...
Applied Nanoscience 9, 1603-1609, 2019
Nanofractals, their properties and applications
BL Oksengendler, N Turaeva, AK Ashirmetov, NV Ivanov, OV Karpova, ...
Horizons in World Physics 298, 1-36, 2019
State and prospects of solar cells based on perovskites
NR Ashurov, BL Oksengendler, SS Rashidova, AA Zakhidov
Applied solar energy 52, 5-15, 2016
Computer modeling of chitosan adsorption on a carbon nanotube
J Azimov, S Mamatkulov, N Turaeva, BL Oxengendler, SS Rashidova
Journal of Structural Chemistry 53, 829-834, 2012
Role of electron confinement in the formation of Tamm surface levels in nanoparticles
BL Oksengendler, B Askarov, VN Nikiforov
Technical Physics 59, 1573-1575, 2014
Fundamental processes of radiation modification of semiconductor nanostructures
F Djurabekova, KB Ashurov, SE Maksimov, NN Turaeva, ...
physica status solidi c 10 (4), 685-688, 2013
Synergetic approach to studying material sputtering under ion bombardment
SE Maksimov, BL Oksengendler, NY Turaev
Journal of Surface Investigation. X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques …, 2013
Theory of radiation disordering and annealing semiconductors
BL Oksengendler, NN Turaeva
Radiation Effects & Defects in Solids 162 (2), 69-75, 2007
Ion-beam synthesis of copper nanoparticles in transparent ceramics of aluminum-magnesium spinel
AF Zatsepin, AN Kiryakov, DA Zatsepin, NV Gavrilov, BL Oksengendler
Vacuum 175, 109243, 2020
Tamm states of fractal surfaces
BL Oksengendler, VN Nikiforov, SE Maksimov
Doklady Physics 62, 281-283, 2017
Nanocatalysis: hypothesis on the action mechanism of gold
BL Oksengendler, B Askarov, IN Nurgaliyev, SE Maksimov, VN Nikiforov
Наносистемы: физика, химия, математика 6 (2), 249-261, 2015
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