Tiffany Morisseau
Tiffany Morisseau
Université Paris Cité
E-mail megerősítve itt: u-paris.fr
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Hivatkozott rá
Creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration: assessment, certification, and promotion of 21st century skills for the future of work and education
B Thornhill-Miller, A Camarda, M Mercier, JM Burkhardt, T Morisseau, ...
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Cross-linguistic patterns in the acquisition of quantifiers
N Katsos, C Cummins, MJ Ezeizabarrena, A Gavarró, J Kuvač Kraljević, ...
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From relief to surprise: Dual control of epistemic curiosity in the human brain
R Ligneul, M Mermillod, T Morisseau
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How do 3-and 5-year-olds respond to under-and over-informative utterances?
T Morisseau, C Davies, D Matthews
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Lateral reading and monetary incentives to spot disinformation about science
F Panizza, P Ronzani, C Martini, S Mattavelli, T Morisseau, M Motterlini
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Enhanced embodied response following ambiguous emotional processing
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Show me the pragmatic contribution: a developmental investigation of contrastive inference
E Kronmüller, T Morisseau, IA Noveck
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The acquisition of quantification across languages: some predictions
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What smartphone apps may contribute to language evolution research
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When is ostensive communication used for joint action?
C Vesper, T Morisseau, G Knoblich, D Sperber
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Why trust Raoult? How social indicators inform the reputations of experts
TY Branch, G Origgi, T Morisseau
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Stakes of knowing the truth: a motivational perspective on the popularity of a controversial scientific theory
T Morisseau, TY Branch, G Origgi
Frontiers in Psychology 12, 708751, 2021
Cultural Evolution of Precise and Agreed‐Upon Semantic Conventions in a Multiplayer Gaming App
O Morin, TF Müller, T Morisseau, J Winters
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& Lubart, T.(2023). Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration: Assessment, Certification, and Promotion of 21st Century Skills for the Future of Work and …
B Thornhill-Miller, A Camarda, M Mercier, JM Burkhardt, T Morisseau, ...
Journal of Intelligence 11 (3), 54, 0
You can laugh at everything, but not with everyone: What jokes can tell us about group affiliations
T Morisseau, M Mermillod, C Eymond, JB Van Der Henst, IA Noveck
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Trust, expertise and the controversy over chloroquine
G Origgi, T Branch-Smith, T Morisseau
Soc. Epistemol. J. Knowl. Cult. Policy, 2021
Yanti Marina Ahmad Nizar
N Katsos, C Cummins, MJ Ezeizabarrena, A Gavarró, JK Kraljević, ...
Colour terms: native language semantic structure and artificial language structure formation in a large-scale online smartphone application
TF Müller, J Winters, T Morisseau, I Noveck, O Morin
Journal of Cognitive Psychology 33 (4), 357-378, 2021
Advised or Paid Way to get it right. The contribution of fact-checking tips and monetary incentives to spotting scientific disinformation
F Panizza, P Ronzani, S Mattavelli, T Morisseau, C Martini, M Motterlini
Research Square, 2021
Protect others to protect myself: A weakness of western countries in the face of current and future pandemics? psychological and neuroscientific perspectives
M Mermillod, T Morisseau
Frontiers in integrative neuroscience 15, 608151, 2021
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