Stephane Mazzotti
Stephane Mazzotti
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Hivatkozott rá
Subduction zone backarcs, mobile belts, and orogenic heat
RD Hyndman, CA Currie, SP Mazzotti
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A revised dislocation model of interseismic deformation of the Cascadia subduction zone
K Wang, R Wells, S Mazzotti, RD Hyndman, T Sagiya
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Full interseismic locking of the Nankai and Japan‐west Kurile subduction zones: An analysis of uniform elastic strain accumulation in Japan constrained by permanent GPS
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Plate convergence measured by GPS across the Sundaland/Philippine Sea Plate deformed boundary: the Philippines and eastern Indonesia
C Rangin, X Le Pichon, S Mazzotti, M Pubellier, N Chamot-Rooke, ...
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Yakutat collision and strain transfer across the northern Canadian Cordillera
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Current tectonics of northern Cascadia from a decade of GPS measurements
S Mazzotti, H Dragert, J Henton, M Schmidt, R Hyndman, T James, Y Lu, ...
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GPS crustal strain, postglacial rebound, and seismic hazard in eastern North America: The Saint Lawrence valley example
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Variability of near-term probability for the next great earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone
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Impact of anthropogenic subsidence on relative sea-level rise in the Fraser River delta
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Relevance of active faulting and seismicity studies to assessments of long-term earthquake activity and maximum magnitude in intraplate northwest Europe, between the Lower …
T Camelbeeck, K Vanneste, P Alexandre, K Verbeeck, T Petermans, ...
Rupture area and displacement of past Cascadia great earthquakes from coastal coseismic subsidence
LJ Leonard, CA Currie, S Mazzotti, RD Hyndman
Bulletin 122 (11-12), 2079-2096, 2010
Relative and absolute sea level rise in western Canada and northwestern United States from a combined tide gauge‐GPS analysis
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LJ Leonard, RD Hyndman, S Mazzotti
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Geodynamic models for earthquake studies in intraplate North America
S Mazzotti, S Stein
Special Papers-Geological Society of America 425, 17, 2007
Surface expression of fluid venting at the toe of the Nankai wedge and implications for flow paths
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Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 42 (6), 1117-1136, 2005
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