Peter W. Chung
Peter W. Chung
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Deep learning for molecular design—a review of the state of the art
DC Elton, Z Boukouvalas, MD Fuge, PW Chung
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 4 (4), 828-849, 2019
Applying machine learning techniques to predict the properties of energetic materials
DC Elton, Z Boukouvalas, MS Butrico, MD Fuge, PW Chung
Scientific reports 8 (1), 9059, 2018
Asymptotic expansion homogenization for heterogeneous media: computational issues and applications
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Simulations of high-pressure phases in RDX
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Atomistic calculation of elastic moduli in strained silicon
R Zhu, E Pan, PW Chung, X Cai, KM Liew, A Buldum
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Wetting dynamics of a water nanodrop on graphene
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Recent developments encompassing non-isothermal/isothermal liquid composite molding process modeling/analysis: physically accurate, computationally effective, and affordable …
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Representative volume element based modeling of cementitious materials
MM Shahzamanian, T Tadepalli, AM Rajendran, WD Hodo, R Mohan, ...
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International journal of heat and mass transfer 54 (25-26), 5623-5632, 2011
Role of microstructure in initiation of Ni–Al reactive multilayers
JC Crone, J Knap, PW Chung, BM Rice
Applied Physics Letters 98 (14), 2011
Peierls stress of dislocations in molecular crystal cyclotrimethylene trinitramine
N Mathew, CR Picu, PW Chung
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Fast multiscale kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of three-dimensional self-assembled quantum dot islands
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Generalized stacking fault energy surfaces in the molecular crystal αRDX
LB Munday, SD Solares, PW Chung
Philosophical Magazine 92 (24), 3036-3050, 2012
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