Dhaval D. Kulkarni
Dhaval D. Kulkarni
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Graphene-polymer nanocomposites for structural and functional applications
K Hu, DD Kulkarni, I Choi, VV Tsukruk
Progress in polymer science 39 (11), 1934-1972, 2014
Graphene Oxide− Polyelectrolyte Nanomembranes
DD Kulkarni, I Choi, SS Singamaneni, VV Tsukruk
ACS nano, 2010
Ultra-robust graphene oxide-silk fibroin nanocomposite membranes
K Hu, MK Gupta, DD Kulkarni, VV Tsukruk
Adv. Mater 25 (16), 2301-2307, 2013
External-strain induced insulating phase transition in VO2 nanobeam and its application as flexible strain sensor
B Hu, Y Ding, W Chen, D Kulkarni, Y Shen, VV Tsukruk, ZL Wang
Adv. Mater 22 (45), 5134-5139, 2010
Competitive adsorption of dopamine and rhodamine 6G on the surface of graphene oxide
H Ren, DD Kulkarni, R Kodiyath, W Xu, I Choi, VV Tsukruk
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (4), 2459-2470, 2014
Written‐in conductive patterns on robust graphene oxide biopaper by electrochemical microstamping
K Hu, LS Tolentino, DD Kulkarni, C Ye, S Kumar, VV Tsukruk
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (51), 13784-13788, 2013
Chemical reduction of individual graphene oxide sheets as revealed by electrostatic force microscopy
DD Kulkarni, S Kim, M Chyasnavichyus, K Hu, AG Fedorov, VV Tsukruk
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (18), 6546-6549, 2014
Fabrication of an ultralow-resistance ohmic contact to MWCNT–metal interconnect using graphitic carbon by electron beam-induced deposition (EBID)
S Kim, DD Kulkarni, K Rykaczewski, M Henry, VV Tsukruk, AG Fedorov
IEEE transactions on nanotechnology 11 (6), 1223-1230, 2012
The effect of the geometry and material properties of a carbon joint produced by electron beam induced deposition on the electrical resistance of a multiwalled carbon nanotube …
K Rykaczewski, MR Henry, SK Kim, AG Fedorov, D Kulkarni, ...
Nanotechnology 21, 035202, 2010
Maskless and Resist-Free Rapid Prototyping of Three-Dimensional Structures Through Electron Beam Induced Deposition (EBID) of Carbon in Combination with Metal-Assisted Chemical …
K Rykaczewski, OJ Hildreth, D Kulkarni, MR Henry, SK Kim, CP Wong, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2 (4), 969-973, 2010
Thermally Induced Transformations of Amorphous Carbon Nanostructures Fabricated by Electron Beam Induced Deposition
DD Kulkarni, K Rykaczewski, S Singamaneni, S Kim, AG Fedorov, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2011
Focused-electron-beam-induced processing (FEBIP) for emerging applications in carbon nanoelectronics
AG Fedorov, S Kim, M Henry, D Kulkarni, VV Tsukruk
Applied Physics A 117, 1659-1674, 2014
Light‐induced plasmon‐assisted phase transformation of carbon on metal nanoparticles
DD Kulkarni, S Kim, AG Fedorov, VV Tsukruk
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (10), 2129-2139, 2012
Star polymer unimicelles on graphene oxide flakes
I Choi, DD Kulkarni, W Xu, C Tsitsilianis, VV Tsukruk
Langmuir 29 (31), 9761-9769, 2013
A robust and facile approach to assembling mobile and highly-open unfrustrated triangular lattices from ferromagnetic nanorods
MK Gupta, DD Kulkarni, R Geryak, S Naik, VV Tsukruk
Nano letters 13 (1), 36-42, 2013
Controlling the physicochemical state of carbon on graphene using focused electron-beam-induced deposition
S Kim, DD Kulkarni, R Davis, SS Kim, RR Naik, AA Voevodin, M Russell, ...
ACS nano 8 (7), 6805-6813, 2014
A new twist on scanning thermal microscopy
ME McConney, DD Kulkarni, H Jiang, TJ Bunning, VV Tsukruk
Nano letters 12 (3), 1218-1223, 2012
Programmable Arrays of “Micro‐Bubble” Constructs via Self‐Encapsulation
C Ye, DD Kulkarni, H Dai, VV Tsukruk
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (27), 4364-4373, 2014
Activating “invisible” glue: using electron beam for enhancement of interfacial properties of graphene–metal contact
S Kim, M Russell, DD Kulkarni, M Henry, S Kim, RR Naik, AA Voevodin, ...
ACS nano 10 (1), 1042-1049, 2016
Localized conductive patterning via focused electron beam reduction of graphene oxide
S Kim, DD Kulkarni, M Henry, P Zackowski, SS Jang, VV Tsukruk, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (13), 2015
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