György Hetényi
György Hetényi
University of Lausanne, Institute of Earth Sciences
E-mail megerősítve itt: unil.ch
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Underplating in the Himalaya-Tibet collision zone revealed by the Hi-CLIMB experiment
J Nábělek, G Hetényi, J Vergne, S Sapkota, B Kafle, M Jiang, H Su, ...
Science 325 (5946), 1371-1374, 2009
Global quieting of high-frequency seismic noise due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures
T Lecocq, SP Hicks, K Van Noten, K Van Wijk, P Koelemeijer, ...
Science 369 (6509), 1338-1343, 2020
Density distribution of the India plate beneath the Tibetan plateau: Geophysical and petrological constraints on the kinetics of lower-crustal eclogitization
G Hetényi, R Cattin, F Brunet, L Bollinger, J Vergne, JL Nábělek, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 264 (1-2), 226-244, 2007
Coexistence of lawsonite‐bearing eclogite and blueschist: phase equilibria modelling of Alpine Corsica metabasalts and petrological evolution of subducting slabs
AV Brovarone, C Groppo, G Hetényi, R Compagnoni, J Malavieille
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 29 (5), 583-600, 2011
The AlpArray seismic network: a large-scale European experiment to image the Alpine orogen
G Hetényi, I Molinari, J Clinton, G Bokelmann, I Bondár, WC Crawford, ...
Surveys in geophysics 39 (5), 1009-1033, 2018
The effective elastic thickness of the India Plate from receiver function imaging, gravity anomalies and thermomechanical modelling
G Hetényi, R Cattin, J Vergne, JL Nábělek
Geophysical Journal International 167 (3), 1106-1118, 2006
Seismic velocities in Southern Tibet lower crust: a receiver function approach for eclogite detection
G Wittlinger, V Farra, G Hetényi, J Vergne, J Nábělek
Geophysical Journal International 177 (3), 1037-1049, 2009
The 2015 Gorkha earthquake: a large event illuminating the Main Himalayan Thrust fault
Z Duputel, J Vergne, L Rivera, G Wittlinger, V Farra, G Hetényi
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (6), 2517-2525, 2016
Scales of columnar jointing in igneous rocks: field measurements and controlling factors
G Hetényi, B Taisne, F Garel, É Médard, S Bosshard, HB Mattsson
Bulletin of Volcanology 74 (2), 457-482, 2012
Geophysical applicability of atomic clocks: direct continental geoid mapping
R Bondarescu, M Bondarescu, G Hetényi, L Boschi, P Jetzer, ...
Geophysical Journal International 191 (1), 78-82, 2012
Active tectonics of the eastern Himalaya: New constraints from the first tectonic geomorphology study in southern Bhutan
T Berthet, JF Ritz, M Ferry, P Pelgay, R Cattin, D Drukpa, R Braucher, ...
Geology 42 (5), 427-430, 2014
Segmentation of the Himalayas as revealed by arc-parallel gravity anomalies
G Hetényi, R Cattin, T Berthet, N Le Moigne, J Chophel, S Lechmann, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Seismotectonics of Bhutan: Evidence for segmentation of the Eastern Himalayas and link to foreland deformation
T Diehl, J Singer, G Hetényi, D Grujic, J Clinton, D Giardini, E Kissling, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 471, 54-64, 2017
Ground-based optical atomic clocks as a tool to monitor vertical surface motion
R Bondarescu, A Schärer, A Lundgren, G Hetényi, N Houlié, P Jetzer, ...
Geophysical Journal International 202 (3), 1770-1774, 2015
Ground-based optical atomic clocks as a tool to monitor vertical surface motion
R Bondarescu, A Schärer, A Lundgren, G Hetényi, N Houlié, P Jetzer, ...
Geophysical Journal International 202 (3), 1770-1774, 2015
Joint approach combining damage and paleoseismology observations constrains the 1714 AD Bhutan earthquake at magnitude 8±0.5
G Hetényi, R Le Roux‐Mallouf, T Berthet, R Cattin, C Cauzzi, K Phuntsho, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (20), 10,695-10,702, 2016
Initiation of crustal‐scale thrusts triggered by metamorphic reactions at depth: Insights from a comparison between the Himalayas and Scandinavian Caledonides
L Labrousse, G Hetényi, H Raimbourg, L Jolivet, TB Andersen
Tectonics 29 (5), 2010
The underthrusting Indian crust and its role in collision dynamics of the Eastern Himalaya in Bhutan: Insights from receiver function imaging
J Singer, E Kissling, T Diehl, G Hetényi
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 122 (2), 1152-1178, 2017
Flexure of the India plate underneath the Bhutan Himalaya
P Hammer, T Berthet, G Hetényi, R Cattin, D Drukpa, J Chophel, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 40 (16), 4225-4230, 2013
Joint inversion of teleseismic and GOCE gravity data: application to the Himalayas
C Basuyau, M Diament, C Tiberi, G Hetényi, J Vergne, A Peyrefitte
Geophysical Journal International 193 (1), 149-160, 2013
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