Frank O Aylward
Frank O Aylward
Associate Professor, Virginia Tech
E-mail megerősítve itt: vt.edu - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Triassic origin and early radiation of multicellular volvocine algae
MD Herron, JD Hackett, FO Aylward, RE Michod
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (9), 3254-3258, 2009
An insect herbivore microbiome with high plant biomass-degrading capacity
G Suen, JJ Scott, FO Aylward, SM Adams, SG Tringe, AA Pinto-Tomás, ...
PLoS genetics 6 (9), e1001129, 2010
Mountain pine beetles colonizing historical and naive host trees are associated with a bacterial community highly enriched in genes contributing to terpene metabolism
AS Adams, FO Aylward, SM Adams, N Erbilgin, BH Aukema, CR Currie, ...
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The complete genome sequence of Fibrobacter succinogenes S85 reveals a cellulolytic and metabolic specialist
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Microbial community transcriptional networks are conserved in three domains at ocean basin scales
FO Aylward, JM Eppley, JM Smith, FP Chavez, CA Scholin, EF DeLong
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Dynamic genome evolution and complex virocell metabolism of globally-distributed giant viruses
M Moniruzzaman, CA Martinez-Gutierrez, AR Weinheimer, FO Aylward
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Comparison of 26 sphingomonad genomes reveals diverse environmental adaptations and biodegradative capabilities
FO Aylward, BR McDonald, SM Adams, A Valenzuela, RA Schmidt, ...
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Metagenomic and metaproteomic insights into bacterial communities in leaf-cutter ant fungus gardens
FO Aylward, KE Burnum, JJ Scott, G Suen, SG Tringe, SM Adams, ...
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Environmental drivers of a microbial genomic transition zone in the ocean’s interior
DR Mende, JA Bryant, FO Aylward, JM Eppley, T Nielsen, DM Karl, ...
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Diel cycling and long-term persistence of viruses in the ocean’s euphotic zone
FO Aylward, D Boeuf, DR Mende, EM Wood-Charlson, A Vislova, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (43), 11446-11451, 2017
Leucoagaricus gongylophorus produces diverse enzymes for the degradation of recalcitrant plant polymers in leaf-cutter ant fungus gardens
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Widespread endogenization of giant viruses shapes genomes of green algae
M Moniruzzaman, AR Weinheimer, CA Martinez-Gutierrez, FO Aylward
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A phylogenomic framework for charting the diversity and evolution of giant viruses
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Wind and sunlight shape microbial diversity in surface waters of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
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Convergent bacterial microbiotas in the fungal agricultural systems of insects
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MBio 5 (6), 10.1128/mbio. 02077-14, 2014
FastViromeExplorer: a pipeline for virus and phage identification and abundance profiling in metagenomics data
SS Tithi, FO Aylward, RV Jensen, L Zhang
PeerJ 6, e4227, 2018
The genome sequences of Cellulomonas fimi and “Cellvibrio gilvus” reveal the cellulolytic strategies of two facultative anaerobes, transfer of “Cellvibrio gilvus” to the genus …
MR Christopherson, G Suen, S Bramhacharya, KA Jewell, FO Aylward, ...
PloS one 8 (1), e53954, 2013
Bacteriophage distributions and temporal variability in the ocean’s interior
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Diel transcriptional response of a California Current plankton microbiome to light, low iron, and enduring viral infection
BC Kolody, JP McCrow, LZ Allen, FO Aylward, KM Fontanez, A Moustafa, ...
The ISME journal 13 (11), 2817-2833, 2019
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