Konstantinos Tsekouras
Konstantinos Tsekouras
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
The heat released during catalytic turnover enhances the diffusion of an enzyme
C Riedel, R Gabizon, CAM Wilson, K Hamadani, K Tsekouras, ...
Nature 517 (7533), 227-230, 2015
Unraveling the thousand word picture: an introduction to super-resolution data analysis
A Lee, K Tsekouras, C Calderon, C Bustamante, S Pressé
Chemical reviews 117 (11), 7276-7330, 2017
A novel method to accurately locate and count large numbers of steps by photobleaching
K Tsekouras, TC Custer, H Jashnsaz, NG Walter, S Pressé
Molecular biology of the cell 27 (22), 3601-3615, 2016
Parallel coupling of symmetric and asymmetric exclusion processes
K Tsekouras, AB Kolomeisky
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 (46), 465001, 2008
Condensation of actin filaments pushing against a barrier
K Tsekouras, K Mallick, D Lacoste, JF Joanny
New Journal of Physics, 2011
Hydrodynamic hunters
H Jashnsaz, M Al Juboori, C Weistuch, N Miller, T Nguyen, V Meyerhoff, ...
Biophysical journal 112 (6), 1282-1289, 2017
Quantitative mapping of endosomal DNA processing by single molecule counting
V Prakash, K Tsekouras, M Venkatachalapathy, L Heinicke, S Pressé, ...
Angewandte Chemie 131 (10), 3105-3108, 2019
Inferring diffusion dynamics from FCS in heterogeneous nuclear environments
K Tsekouras, AP Siegel, RN Day, S Pressé
Biophysical journal 109 (1), 7-17, 2015
Inhomogeneous coupling in two-channel asymmetric simple exclusion processes
K Tsekouras, AB Kolomeisky
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 (9), 095002, 2008
Quantitative kinetic models from intravital microscopy: a case study using hepatic transport
M Tavakoli, K Tsekouras, R Day, KW Dunn, S Presse
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (34), 7302-7312, 2019
Comment on" Enhanced Diffusion of Enzymes that Catalyze Exothermic Reactions" by R. Golestanian
K Tsekouras, C Riedel, R Gabizon, S Marqusee, S Pressé, C Bustamante
arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.05433, 2016
Modeling and inference of hepatic transport kinetics
M Tavakoli, K Tsekouras, KW Dunn, R Day, S Pressé, MT Team
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2018, L60. 243, 2018
Design of High-Specificity Nanocarriers by Exploiting Non-Equilibrium Effects in Cancer Cell Targeting
K Tsekouras, I Goncharenko, ME Colvin, KC Huang, A Gopinathan
Plos one 8 (6), e65623, 2013
Quantitative Kinetic Models from Intravital Microscopy: A Case Study Using Hepatic Transport
K Tsekouras, R Day, KW Dunn, S Pressé
ACS, 2019
Ballistic Motion of Enzymes that Catalyze Highly Exothermic Reactions
K Tsekouras, S Pressé
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2017, S4. 010, 2017
Counting Photobleach Steps and the Dynamics of Bacterial Predators
H Jashnsaz, K Tsekouras, M Al Juboori, C Weistuch, N Miller, T Nguyen, ...
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, 2016
A novel method for the precise determination of step times and sizes in counting large numbers of photobleaching events
K Tsekouras, S Presse
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2016, V39. 009, 2016
Inference of protein diffusion probed via fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
K Tsekouras
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2015, L47. 007, 2015
The heat released in single catalytic events locally enhances enzyme diffusion
K Tsekouras, C Riedel, C Wilson, K Hamadani, S Marqusee, S Presse, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2014, J32. 007, 2014
Designing high specificity anti-cancer nanocarriers by exploiting non-equilibrium effects
K Tsekouras, I Goncharenko, M Colvin, K Huang, A Gopinathan
APS California Section Meeting Abstracts, C1. 007, 2012
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