Teodor Veres
Teodor Veres
National Research Council , Canada, INRS-EMT, McGill University
E-mail megerősítve itt: nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Microfluidic designs and techniques using lab-on-a-chip devices for pathogen detection for point-of-care diagnostics
AM Foudeh, TF Didar, T Veres, M Tabrizian
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Integration and detection of biochemical assays in digital microfluidic LOC devices
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Multifunctional nano-architecture for biomedical applications
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Polyethylene glycol-covered ultra-small Gd2O3 nanoparticles for positive contrast at 1.5 T magnetic resonance clinical scanning
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Nanoimprinted SERS-active substrates with tunable surface plasmon resonances
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Enzymatically-generated fluorescent detection in micro-channels with internal magnetic mixing for the development of parallel microfluidic ELISA
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Surface topography induces 3D self-orientation of cells and extracellular matrix resulting in improved tissue function
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Growth, structure, and properties of epitaxial thin films of first-principles predicted multiferroic Bi2FeCrO6
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Applied physics letters 89 (10), 2006
PCR-free DNA detection using a magnetic bead-supported polymeric transducer and microelectromagnetic traps
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Microlens array fabrication by enhanced thermal reflow process: Towards efficient collection of fluorescence light from microarrays
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Active pneumatic control of centrifugal microfluidic flows for lab-on-a-chip applications
L Clime, D Brassard, M Geissler, T Veres
Lab on a Chip 15 (11), 2400-2411, 2015
Enhanced surface plasmon resonance imaging detection of DNA hybridization on periodic gold nanoposts
L Malic, B Cui, T Veres, M Tabrizian
Optics Letters 32 (21), 3092-3094, 2007
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