Wietse Ledegang
Wietse Ledegang
Human Factors scientist, TNO, The Netherlands
E-mail megerősítve itt: tno.nl
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Cinerama sickness and postural instability
JE Bos, WD Ledegang, AJA Lubeck, JF Stins
Ergonomics 56 (9), 1430-1436, 2013
Spatial Disorientation Influences on Pilots' Visual Scanning and Flight Performance
WD Ledegang, EL Groen
Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance 89 (10), 873-882, 2018
Interaction design patterns for coherent and re-usable shape specifications of human-robot collaboration
T Mioch, W Ledegang, R Paulissen, MA Neerincx, J van Diggelen
Proceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive …, 2014
SUPRA – Enhanced Upset Recovery Simulation
B Groen, Ledegang, Field, Smaili, Roza, Fucke, Nooij
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Stall Recovery in a Centrifuge-Based Flight Simulator With an Extended Aerodynamic Model
WD Ledegang, EL Groen
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Pilot performance in centrifuge-based simulation of unusual attitude recovery
WD Ledegang, EL Groen, M Wentink
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Effect of G-cueing on Pilot Performance in Centrifuge-Based Simulation of Unusual Attitude Recovery
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Classification of flight phases based on pilots’ visual scanning strategies
V Peysakhovich, W Ledegang, M Houben, E Groen
2022 Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications, 1-7, 2022
Advancing Human Performance in Environments that are Adverse and Demanding (AHEAD): Human performance, safety, health and wellbeing in high-demanding environments
WD Ledegang
TNO, 2018
Hypoxia in a moving base flight simulator-Improving operational realism of a hypoxia training environment
PJL Valk, WD Ledegang, M van den Oord, Y Steinman
TNO, 2017
Measuring pilots' visual behaviour-A tool for research on pilots' instrument scanning and attention
WD Ledegang
TNO, 2017
Simulation of motion parallax by correcting the out-the-window scenery for head position
W.D. Ledegang, J.E. Bos, M.M.J. Houben, E.L. Groen
Driving Simulation Conference, DSC 2015 Europe Germany, 2015
Heavy weather ship handling simulation with and without motion.
JE Bos, PJL Valk, WD Ledegang, B Nienhuis
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SUPRA project pushed the simulator envelope for upset recovery training
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Evaluation report of the analysis of simulator trials
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Simulation of Upset Recovery in Aviation (SUPRA), EU Grant 23354, 2012
Dynamic visual acuity.
AM Brouwer, JE Bos, MA Hogervorst, WD Ledegang
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Dealing with False Alarms in Camera Surveillance
FL Kooi, WD Ledegang
Measuring Behavior 2012, 2012
SUPRA project pushes the simulator envelope for upset recovery training
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Motion Fidelity of Uncoordinated Simulator Roll for Simulation of Coordinated Aircraft Roll
WD Ledegang, EL Groen
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Centrifuge-based Simulation of Upset Recovery in Desdemona
EL Groen, W Ledegang, M Wentink, SAE Nooij
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