Vasiliki Michopoulos
Vasiliki Michopoulos
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Inflammation in fear-and anxiety-based disorders: PTSD, GAD, and beyond
V Michopoulos, A Powers, CF Gillespie, KJ Ressler, T Jovanovic
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J Tung, LB Barreiro, ZP Johnson, KD Hansen, V Michopoulos, D Toufexis, ...
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DNA methylation signatures of chronic low-grade inflammation are associated with complex diseases
S Ligthart, C Marzi, S Aslibekyan, MM Mendelson, KN Conneely, ...
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NJ Thompson, D Fiorillo, BO Rothbaum, KJ Ressler, V Michopoulos
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Diagnostic biomarkers for posttraumatic stress disorder: promising horizons from translational neuroscience research
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The mediating role of emotion dysregulation and depression on the relationship between childhood trauma exposure and emotional eating
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Association of CRP Genetic Variation and CRP Level With Elevated PTSD Symptoms and Physiological Responses in a Civilian Population With High Levels of …
V Michopoulos, AO Rothbaum, T Jovanovic, LM Almli, B Bradley, ...
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Exposure to violence accelerates epigenetic aging in children
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Continuous expression of corticotropin-releasing factor in the central nucleus of the amygdala emulates the dysregulation of the stress and reproductive axes
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Posttraumatic stress disorder: A metabolic disorder in disguise?
V Michopoulos, A Vester, G Neigh
Experimental neurology 284, 220-229, 2016
Neuroendocrine recovery initiated by cognitive behavioral therapy in women with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea: a randomized, controlled trial
V Michopoulos, F Mancini, TL Loucks, SL Berga
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The role of the hippocampus in predicting future posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in recently traumatized civilians
SJH van Rooij, JS Stevens, TD Ely, R Hinrichs, V Michopoulos, ...
Biological psychiatry 84 (2), 106-115, 2018
Social subordination produces distinct stress-related phenotypes in female rhesus monkeys
V Michopoulos, M Higgins, D Toufexis, ME Wilson
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Food addiction and substance addiction in women: Common clinical characteristics
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V Michopoulos, M Checchi, D Sharpe, ME Wilson
Hormones and behavior 59 (4), 528-535, 2011
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