Mathieu Hautefeuille
Mathieu Hautefeuille
Institut de Biologie Paris Seine, Sorbonne Université
E-mail megerősítve itt: sorbonne-universite.fr
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A MEMS-based wireless multisensor module for environmental monitoring
M Hautefeuille, C O’Mahony, B O’Flynn, K Khalfi, F Peters
Microelectronics Reliability 48 (6), 906-910, 2008
The liver, a functionalized vascular structure
S Lorente, M Hautefeuille, A Sanchez-Cedillo
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R Pimentel-Domínguez, AM Velázquez-Benítez, JR Vélez-Cordero, ...
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Development of a microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based multisensor platform for environmental monitoring
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Photothermal lesions in soft tissue induced by optical fiber microheaters
R Pimentel-Domínguez, P Moreno-Álvarez, M Hautefeuille, A Chavarría, ...
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Fabrication of large all-PDMS micropatterned waveguides for lab on chip integration using a rapid prototyping technique
D Pérez-Calixto, D Zamarrón-Hernández, A Cruz-Ramírez, M Hautefeuille, ...
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Method for the direct fabrication of polyacrylamide hydrogels with controlled stiffness in polystyrene multiwell plates for mechanobiology assays
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Spreading, pinching, and coalescence: the Ohnesorge units
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Soft Matter, 2022
Fibrillar collagen type i participates in the survival and aggregation of primary hepatocytes cultured on soft hydrogels
N Serna-Márquez, A Rodríguez-Hernández, M Ayala-Reyes, ...
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Controlled Solvent-Free formation of embedded PDMS-derived carbon nanodomains with tunable fluorescence using selective laser ablation with a Low-Power CD laser
MJ González-Vázquez, M Hautefeuille
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Laser induced deformation in polydimethylsiloxane membranes with embedded carbon nanopowder
R Pimentel-Domínguez, FM Sánchez-Arévalo, M Hautefeuille, ...
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Utilization of a digital-versatile-disc pickup head for benchtop laser microfabrication
M Hautefeuille, AK Jimenez-Zenteno, PR Pérez-Alcázar, ...
Applied Optics 51 (8), 1171-1177, 2012
Micro–Macro: Selective Integration of Microfeatures Inside Low-Cost Macromolds for PDMS Microfluidics Fabrication
E Jiménez-Díaz, M Cano-Jorge, D Zamarrón-Hernández, L Cabriales, ...
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Building a microfluidic cell culture platform with stiffness control using Loctite 3525 glue
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Micromachines 9 (4), 187, 2018
Rapid fabrication of on-demand high-resolution optical masks with a CD-DVD pickup unit
L Cabriales, M Hautefeuille, G Fernández, V Velázquez, M Grether, ...
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Surface modification of polyethylenterephthalate film with primary amines using gamma radiation and aminolysis reaction for cell adhesion studies
E Rodríguez-Alba, N Dionisio, M Pérez-Calixto, L Huerta, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 176, 109070, 2020
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