Ronald M. Spelz
Ronald M. Spelz
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Hivatkozott rá
Assembly of a large earthquake from a complex fault system: Surface rupture kinematics of the 4 April 2010 El Mayor–Cucapah (Mexico) Mw 7.2 earthquake
JM Fletcher, OJ Teran, TK Rockwell, ME Oskin, KW Hudnut, KJ Mueller, ...
Geosphere 10 (4), 797-827, 2014
Patterns of Quaternary deformation and rupture propagation associated with an active low-angle normal fault, Laguna Salada, Mexico: Evidence of a rolling hinge?
JM Fletcher, RM Spelz
Geosphere 5 (4), 385-407, 2009
Quaternary alluvial-fan development, climate and morphologic dating of fault scarps in Laguna Salada, Baja California, Mexico
RM Spelz, JM Fletcher, LA Owen, MW Caffee
Geomorphology 102 (3-4), 578-594, 2008
Geologic and structural controls on rupture zone fabric: A field-based study of the 2010 Mw 7.2 El Mayor–Cucapah earthquake surface rupture
OJ Teran, JM Fletcher, ME Oskin, TK Rockwell, KW Hudnut, RM Spelz, ...
Geosphere 11 (3), 899-920, 2015
Hydrothermal vent fields discovered in the southern Gulf of California clarify role of habitat in augmenting regional diversity
SK Goffredi, S Johnson, V Tunnicliffe, D Caress, D Clague, E Escobar, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1859), 20170817, 2017
Discovery of hydrothermal vent fields on Alarcón Rise and in Southern Pescadero Basin, Gulf of California
JB Paduan, RA Zierenberg, DA Clague, RM Spelz, DW Caress, G Troni, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 19 (12), 4788-4819, 2018
Regional orientation of tectonic stress and the stress expressed by post-subduction high-magnesium volcanism in northern Baja California, Mexico: Tectonics and volcanism of San …
R Negrete-Aranda, E Cañón-Tapia, JL Brandle, MA Ortega-Rivera, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 192 (1-2), 97-115, 2010
Geology of the Alarcon Rise, Southern Gulf of California
DA Clague, DW Caress, BM Dreyer, L Lundsten, JB Paduan, RA Portner, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 19 (3), 807-837, 2018
The surface ruptures associated with the El Mayor-Borrego earthquake sequence
J Fletcher, TK Rockwell, O Teran, E Masana, G Faneros, K Hudnut, ...
Geological Society of America, Cordilleran section, Abstract LB1-5, Anaheim …, 2010
Viscous dissipation, slab melting, and post-subduction volcanism in south-central Baja California, Mexico
R Negrete-Aranda, J Contreras, RM Spelz
Geosphere 9 (6), 1714-1728, 2013
Volatile sources, sinks and pathways: a helium‑carbon isotope study of Baja California fluids and gases
PH Barry, R Negrete-Aranda, RM Spelz, AM Seltzer, DV Bekaert, ...
Chemical Geology 550, 119722, 2020
An analysis of the factors that control fault zone architecture and the importance of fault orientation relative to regional stress
JM Fletcher, OJ Teran, TK Rockwell, ME Oskin, KW Hudnut, RM Spelz, ...
GSA Bulletin 132 (9-10), 2084-2104, 2020
Development of detachment folds in the Mexican Ridges foldbelt, western Gulf of Mexico basin
I Yarbuh, A González‐Fernández, RM Spelz‐Madero, R Negrete‐Aranda, ...
Tectonics 37 (7), 2013-2028, 2018
Geomorfometría del escarpe principal del golfo de california. Análisis comparativo entre dos segmentos del rift: Sierra San Pedro Martir y Sierra Juarez, Baja California, México
JJ Díaz-Torres, JM Fletcher, RM Spelz-Madero, A Martín-Barajas, ...
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas 29 (3), 590-610, 2012
Modo de extensión de la corteza y formación del Sistema Extensional de Cerralvo, sur del Golfo de California, a partir de datos de reflexión sísmica en 2D
I Macias Iñiguez
Noble gas geochemistry of the newly discovered hydrothermal fields in the Gulf of California: preliminary He-Isotope ratios from the Alarcon Rise and Pescadero Basin vent sites
RM Spelz, JE Lupton, LJ Evans, RA Zierenberg, DA Clague, F Neumann, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2015, OS23C-2028, 2015
Structural Controls on the Surface Rupture Associated with the Mw7. 2 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake of 4 April 2010: A Comparative Analysis of Scarp Array Kinematics, Orientation …
OJ Teran, JM Fletcher, TK Rockwell, KW Hudnut, ME Oskin, SO Akciz, ...
AGU Spring Meeting Abstracts 2013, T42A-03, 2013
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of the Mayor-Cucapah earthquake: A case for 3-D strain accommodation in a single earthquake cycle
JM Fletcher, TK Rockwell, K Hudnut, O Teran, E Masana, G Faneros, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2010, T51E-07, 2010
Transport of Heat by Hydrothermal Circulation in a Young Rift Setting: Observations From the Auka and JaichMaa Ja'ag'Vent Field in the Pescadero Basin, Southern Gulf of California
R Negrete‐Aranda, F Neumann, J Contreras, RN Harris, RM Spelz, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 (8), e2021JB022300, 2021
Autogenic organization of syn‐tectonic sedimentary patterns in deepwater foldbelts: A simple dynamic model
A Lotero‐Vélez, I Yarbuh, O Borges‐Santana, RM Spelz‐Madero, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 124 (12), 2823-2840, 2019
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