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Tal Ben-Horin
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Optimal temperature for malaria transmission is dramatically lower than previously predicted
EA Mordecai, KP Paaijmans, LR Johnson, C Balzer, T Ben‐Horin, ...
Ecology letters 16 (1), 22-30, 2013
Taking the chaos out of genetic patchiness: seascape genetics reveals ecological and oceanographic drivers of genetic patterns in three temperate reef species
KA Selkoe, JR Watson, C White, TB Horin, M Iacchei, S Mitarai, DA Siegel, ...
Molecular ecology 19 (17), 3708-3726, 2010
Combined analyses of kinship and FST suggest potential drivers of chaotic genetic patchiness in high gene‐flow populations
M Iacchei, T Ben‐Horin, KA Selkoe, CE Bird, FJ García‐Rodríguez, ...
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Mapping physiological suitability limits for malaria in Africa under climate change
SJ Ryan, A McNally, LR Johnson, EA Mordecai, T Ben-Horin, ...
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Understanding uncertainty in temperature effects on vector‐borne disease: a Bayesian approach
LR Johnson, T Ben-Horin, KD Lafferty, A McNally, E Mordecai, ...
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Variable intertidal temperature explains why disease endangers black abalone
T Ben-Horin, HS Lenihan, KD Lafferty
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Parasite transmission through suspension feeding
T Ben-Horin, G Bidegain, L Huey, DA Narvaez, D Bushek
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Utilizing spatial demographic and life history variation to optimize sustainable yield of a temperate sex-changing fish
SL Hamilton, JR Wilson, T Ben-Horin, JE Caselle
PloS one 6 (9), e24580, 2011
Models with environmental drivers offer a plausible mechanism for the rapid spread of infectious disease outbreaks in marine organisms
EA Aalto, KD Lafferty, SH Sokolow, RE Grewelle, T Ben-Horin, CA Boch, ...
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Modeling the transmission of Perkinsus marinus in the Eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica
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Marine infectious disease dynamics and outbreak thresholds: contact transmission, pandemic infection, and the potential role of filter feeders
G Bidegain, EN Powell, JM Klinck, T Ben‐Horin, EE Hofmann
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Malaria control and senescence: the importance of accounting for the pace and shape of aging in wild mosquitoes
SJ Ryan, T Ben-Horin, LR Johnson
Ecosphere 6 (9), 1-13, 2015
Intensive oyster aquaculture can reduce disease impacts on sympatric wild oysters
T Ben-Horin, CA Burge, D Bushek, ML Groner, DA Proestou, LI Huey, ...
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Fishing diseased abalone to promote yield and conservation
T Ben-Horin, KD Lafferty, G Bidegain, HS Lenihan
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Modeling pathogen dispersal in marine fish and shellfish
DL Cantrell, ML Groner, T Ben-Horin, J Grant, CW Revie
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Abalone farm discharges the withering syndrome pathogen into the wild
KD Lafferty, T Ben-Horin
Frontiers in microbiology 4, 373, 2013
Microparasitic disease dynamics in benthic suspension feeders: infective dose, non-focal hosts, and particle diffusion
G Bidegain, EN Powell, JM Klinck, T Ben-Horin, EE Hofmann
Ecological Modelling 328, 44-61, 2016
Characterization of eight polymorphic microsatellite loci for the California spiny lobster, Panulirus interruptus and cross-amplification in other achelate lobsters
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Genetic variation in anti-parasite behavior in oysters
T Ben-Horin, SK Allen Jr, JM Small, DA Proestou
Marine Ecology Progress Series 594, 107-117, 2018
In press
SJ Ryan, A McNally, LR Johnson, EA Mordecai, T Ben-Horin, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1407.7612, 1758
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