Zhenhui Ye (叶振辉)
Zhenhui Ye (叶振辉)
További nevekZhenhui Ye, 叶 振辉, Ye. Zhenhui
E-mail megerősítve itt: zju.edu.cn - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Make-an-audio: Text-to-audio generation with prompt-enhanced diffusion models
R Huang, J Huang, D Yang, Y Ren, L Liu, M Li, Z Ye, J Liu, X Yin, Z Zhao
ICML 2023, 2023
Audiogpt: Understanding and generating speech, music, sound, and talking head.
R Huang, M Li, D Yang, J Shi, X Chang, Z Ye, Y Wu, Z Hong, J Huang, ...
AAAI 2023, 2023
GeneFace: Generalized and High-Fidelity Audio-Driven 3D Talking Face Synthesis
Z Ye, Z Jiang, Y Ren, J Liu, JZ He, Z Zhao
ICLR 2023, 2023
Multi-UAV navigation for partially observable communication coverage by graph reinforcement learning
Z Ye, K Wang, Y Chen, X Jiang, G Song
IEEE transactions on mobile computing 22 (7), 4056-4069, 2022
Multi-agent deep reinforcement learning for voltage control with coordinated active and reactive power optimization
D Hu, Z Ye, Y Gao, Z Ye, Y Peng, N Yu
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 13 (6), 4873-4886, 2022
Mega-tts: Zero-shot text-to-speech at scale with intrinsic inductive bias
Z Jiang, Y Ren, Z Ye, J Liu, C Zhang, Q Yang, S Ji, R Huang, C Wang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.03509, 2023
SyntaSpeech: Syntax-Aware Generative Adversarial Text-to-Speech
Z Ye, Z Zhao, Y Ren, F Wu
IJCAI 2022, 2022
Make-a-voice: Unified voice synthesis with discrete representation
R Huang, C Zhang, Y Wang, D Yang, L Liu, Z Ye, Z Jiang, C Weng, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.19269, 2023
Make-an-audio 2: Temporal-enhanced text-to-audio generation
J Huang, Y Ren, R Huang, D Yang, Z Ye, C Zhang, J Liu, X Yin, Z Ma, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.18474, 2023
Improving Sample Efficiency in Multi-Agent Actor-Critic Methods
Z Ye, Y Chen, X Jiang, G Song, B Yang, S Fan
Applied Intelligence, 1-14, 2022
Mega-tts 2: Zero-shot text-to-speech with arbitrary length speech prompts
Z Jiang, J Liu, Y Ren, J He, C Zhang, Z Ye, P Wei, C Wang, X Yin, Z Ma, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.07218, 2023
CLAPSpeech: Learning Prosody from Text Context with Contrastive Language-Audio Pre-training
Z Ye, R Huang, Y Ren, Z Jiang, J Liu, J He, X Yin, Z Zhao
ACL 2023 (Main Conference), 2023
Geneface++: Generalized and stable real-time audio-driven 3d talking face generation
Z Ye, J He, Z Jiang, R Huang, J Huang, J Liu, Y Ren, X Yin, Z Ma, Z Zhao
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.00787, 2023
Scalable and transferable reinforcement learning for multi-agent mixed cooperative–competitive environments based on hierarchical graph attention
Y Chen, G Song, Z Ye, X Jiang
Entropy 24 (4), 563, 2022
AV-TranSpeech: Audio-Visual Robust Speech-to-Speech Translation
R Huang, H Liu, X Cheng, Y Ren, L Li, Z Ye, J He, L Zhang, J Liu, X Yin, ...
ACL 2023 (Main Conference), 2023
RMSSinger: Realistic-Music-Score based Singing Voice Synthesis
J He, J Liu, Z Ye, R Huang, C Cui, H Liu, Z Zhao
ACL 2023 (Findings), 2023
Real3D-Portrait: One-shot Realistic 3D Talking Portrait Synthesis
Z Ye, T Zhong, Y Ren, J Yang, W Li, J Huang, Z Jiang, J He, R Huang, ...
ICLR 2024 (Spotlight), 2024
Space-air-ground integrated mobile crowdsensing for partially observable data collection by multi-scale convolutional graph reinforcement learning
Y Ren, Z Ye, G Song, X Jiang
Entropy 24 (5), 638, 2022
Experience augmentation: Boosting and accelerating off-policy multi-agent reinforcement learning
Z Ye, Y Chen, G Song, B Yang, S Fan
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.09453, 2020
FluentSpeech: Stutter-Oriented Automatic Speech Editing with Context-Aware Diffusion Models
Z Jiang, Q Yang, J Zuo, Z Ye, R Huang, Y Ren, Z Zhao
ACL 2023 (Findings), 2023
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