Mohammad Sadegh Golsorkhi
Mohammad Sadegh Golsorkhi
Centre for Industrial Electronics, The University of Southern Denmark
E-mail megerősítve itt: sdu.dk
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A control method for inverter-based islanded microgrids based on VI droop characteristics
MS Golsorkhi, DDC Lu
IEEE Transactions on power delivery 30 (3), 1196-1204, 2014
Decentralized method for load sharing and power management in a PV/battery hybrid source islanded microgrid
Y Karimi, H Oraee, MS Golsorkhi, JM Guerrero
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A Decentralized Control Method for Islanded Microgrids under Unbalanced Conditions
MS Golsorkhi Esfahani, D Lu
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A distributed control framework for integrated photovoltaic-battery-based islanded microgrids
MS Golsorkhi, Q Shafiee, DDC Lu, JM Guerrero
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Distributed control of low-voltage resistive AC microgrids
MS Golsorkhi, Q Shafiee, DDC Lu, JM Guerrero
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MS Golsorkhi, DDC Lu, JM Guerrero
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A GPS-based control framework for accurate current sharing and power quality improvement in microgrids
MS Golsorkhi, M Savaghebi, DDC Lu, JM Guerrero, JC Vasquez
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Distributed voltage control and power management of networked microgrids
MS Golsorkhi, DJ Hill, HR Karshenas
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics 6 (4 …, 2017
A root-locus design methodology derived from the impedance/admittance stability formulation and its application for LCL grid-connected converters in wind turbines
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A decentralized control strategy based on VI droop for enhancing dynamics of autonomous hybrid AC/DC microgrids
MS Golsorkhi, M Savaghebi
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 36 (8), 9430-9440, 2021
A nonisolated high step-up three-port soft-switched converter with minimum switches
R Cheraghi, E Adib, MS Golsorkhi
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 68 (10), 9358-9365, 2020
A Two-Layer Control Scheme Based on PV Droop Characteristic for Accurate Power Sharing and Voltage Regulation in DC Microgrids
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Machine learning for protection of distribution networks and power electronics-interfaced systems
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A feasibility study on the application of radar imaging for the detection of transformer winding radial deformation
MS Golsorkhi, MSA Hejazi, GB Gharehpetian, M Dehmollaian
IEEE transactions on power delivery 27 (4), 2113-2121, 2012
A simultaneous method for detection of radial deformation and axial displacement in transformer winding using UWB SAR imaging
S Mortazavian, GB Gharehpetian, MA Hejazi, MS Golsorkhi, H Karami
The 4th Conference on Thermal Power Plants, 1-6, 2012
A decentralized power flow control method for islanded microgrids using VI droop
MS Golsorkhi, DDC Lu
2014 22nd Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 604-609, 2014
H∞ structured design of a cascaded voltage/current controller for electronically interfaced distributed energy resources
AM Bouzid, MS Golsorkhi, P Sicard, A Chériti
2015 Tenth international conference on ecological vehicles and renewable …, 2015
Support vector machine based fault location identification in microgrids using interharmonic injection
A Forouzesh, MS Golsorkhi, M Savaghebi, M Baharizadeh
Energies 14 (8), 2317, 2021
A decentralized negative sequence compensation method for islanded mirogrids
MS Golsorkhi, DDC Lu
2015 IEEE 6th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed …, 2015
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