Neli Mintcheva
Neli Mintcheva
University of Mining and Geology
E-mail megerősítve itt: mgu.bg
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Comparative study of physicochemical and antibacterial properties of ZnO nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation of Zn target in water and air
EA Gavrilenko, DA Goncharova, IN Lapin, AL Nemoykina, VA Svetlichnyi, ...
Materials 12 (1), 186, 2019
Laser-ablated ZnO nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activity toward organic pollutants
N Mintcheva, AA Aljulaih, W Wunderlich, SA Kulinich, S Iwamori
Materials 11 (7), 1127, 2018
Room-temperature gas sensing of laser-modified anatase TiO2 decorated with Au nanoparticles
N Mintcheva, P Srinivasan, JBB Rayappan, AA Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, ...
Applied Surface Science 507, 145169, 2020
Aquatic toxicity and mode of action of CdS and ZnS nanoparticles in four microalgae species
K Pikula, N Mintcheva, SA Kulinich, A Zakharenko, Z Markina, V Chaika, ...
Environmental research 186, 109513, 2020
Room temperature ethanol sensor based on ZnO prepared via laser ablation in water
T Kondo, Y Sato, M Kinoshita, P Shankar, NN Mintcheva, M Honda, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 56 (8), 080304, 2017
ZnO@ graphene oxide core@ shell nanoparticles prepared via one-pot approach based on laser ablation in water
P Shankar, MQH Ishak, JK Padarti, N Mintcheva, S Iwamori, SO Gurbatov, ...
Applied Surface Science 531, 147365, 2020
Black Au-Decorated TiO2 Produced via Laser Ablation in Liquid
SO Gurbatov, E Modin, V Puzikov, P Tonkaev, D Storozhenko, A Sergeev, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (5), 6522-6531, 2021
Nanomaterials produced by laser beam ablating Sn-Zn alloy in water
N Mintcheva, AA Aljulaih, S Bito, M Honda, T Kondo, S Iwamori, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 747, 166-175, 2018
Si−C Bond Activation of ArMe2SiOH Promoted by a Bromoplatinum(II) Complex and Ag2O. Aryl Group Transfer from Silicon to Platinum
N Mintcheva, Y Nishihara, M Tanabe, K Hirabayashi, A Mori, K Osakada
Organometallics 20 (6), 1243-1246, 2001
Room-temperature synthesis of zns nanoparticles using zinc xanthates as molecular precursors
N Mintcheva, G Gicheva, M Panayotova, SA Kulinich
Materials 13 (1), 171, 2020
Hybrid TiO2-ZnO Nanomaterials Prepared Using Laser Ablation in Liquid
N Mintcheva, S Yamaguchi, SA Kulinich
Materials 13 (3), 719, 2020
Preparation and NMR studies of palladium complexes with a Silsesquioxanate ligand
M Tanabe, K Mutou, N Mintcheva, K Osakada
Organometallics 27 (4), 519-523, 2008
Preparation and structure of new phenylplatinum complexes containing silsesquioxane as a monodentate or bidentate ligand
N Mintcheva, M Tanabe, K Osakada
Organometallics 25 (15), 3776-3783, 2006
Green Synthesis of Stable Spherical Monodisperse Silver Nanoparticles Using a Cell-Free Extract of Trichoderma reesei
O Gemishev, M Panayotova, G Gicheva, N Mintcheva
Materials 15 (2), 481, 2022
IR study of the N,N′,N″-triphenylguanidine and its imine nitrogen coordinated Pd(II) complexes
I Georgieva, N Mintcheva, N Trendafilova, M Mitewa
Vibrational Spectroscopy 27 (2), 153-164, 2001
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of CdS and ZnS nanomaterials derived from metal xanthate
N Mintcheva, G Gicheva, M Panayotova, W Wunderlich, AA Kuchmizhak, ...
Materials 12 (20), 3313, 2019
A green approach for silver nanoparticles preparation by cell-free extract from Trichoderma reesei fungi and their characterization
OT Gemishev, MI Panayotova, NN Mintcheva, LP Djerahov, GT Tyuliev, ...
Materials Research Express 6 (9), 095040, 2019
Nano-structured gold catalysts supported on CeO2 and CeO2-Al2O3 for NOx reduction by CO: effect of catalyst pretreatment and feed composition
L Ilieva-Gencheva, G Pantaleo, N Mintcheva, I Ivanov, AM Venezia, ...
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 8 (2), 867-873, 2008
Reactions of HOSiMe2Ar with Pt PPh3 complexes leading to Si C bond activation or formation of a siloxoplatinum complex
N Mintcheva, Y Nishihara, A Mori, K Osakada
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 629 (1-2), 61-67, 2001
Laser synthesis of iridium nanospheres for overall water splitting
HB Wang, JQ Wang, N Mintcheva, M Wang, S Li, J Mao, H Liu, CK Dong, ...
Materials 12 (18), 3028, 2019
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