Erika Romijn
Erika Romijn
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An assessment of deforestation and forest degradation drivers in developing countries
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Land restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean: an overview of recent, ongoing and planned restoration initiatives and their potential for climate change mitigation
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Independent data for transparent monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions from the land use sector–What do stakeholders think and need?
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Forest restoration
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Replication Data for: Restoration Database for Latin America and the Caribbean. Comparative Research Project on Landscape Restoration for Emissions Reductions, CIAT/WUR project …
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Una clasificación de proyectos de restauración del paisaje forestal en América Latina y el Caribe
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Monitoring activities of deforestation and forest degradation in REDD+ project sites: Recommendations for the use of remote sensing on measurement of forest cover change
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Factores de emision: Conversion del cambio en el uso de la tierra a estimaciones de CO2
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SDG reporting using land cover and land use data in the Sentinel era
SL Carter, M Herold, NE Tsendbazar, JE Romijn, FM Seifert
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