Andrew B. Yankovich
Andrew B. Yankovich
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Picometre-precision analysis of scanning transmission electron microscopy images of platinum nanocatalysts
AB Yankovich, B Berkels, W Dahmen, P Binev, SI Sanchez, SA Bradley, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4155, 2014
Strong Light–Matter Coupling between Plasmons in Individual Gold Bi-pyramids and Excitons in Mono- and Multilayer WSe2
M Stuhrenberg, B Munkhbat, DG Baranov, J Cuadra, AB Yankovich, ...
Nano letters 18 (9), 5938-5945, 2018
Influence of atomic site-specific strain on catalytic activity of supported nanoparticles
T Nilsson Pingel, M Jørgensen, AB Yankovich, H Grönbeck, E Olsson
Nature communications 9 (1), 2722, 2018
Ground-state electron transfer in all-polymer donor–acceptor heterojunctions
K Xu, H Sun, TP Ruoko, G Wang, R Kroon, NB Kolhe, Y Puttisong, X Liu, ...
Nature materials 19 (7), 738-744, 2020
Visualizing spatial variations of plasmon–exciton polaritons at the nanoscale using electron microscopy
AB Yankovich, B Munkhbat, DG Baranov, J Cuadra, E Olsén, ...
Nano Letters 19 (11), 8171-8181, 2019
Transition metal dichalcogenide metamaterials with atomic precision
B Munkhbat, AB Yankovich, DG Baranov, R Verre, E Olsson, TO Shegai
Nature communications 11 (1), 4604, 2020
Stable p-type conduction from Sb-decorated head-to-head basal plane inversion domain boundaries in ZnO nanowires
AB Yankovich, B Puchala, F Wang, JH Seo, D Morgan, X Wang, Z Ma, ...
Nano letters 12 (3), 1311-1316, 2012
Poisson noise removal from high-resolution STEM images based on periodic block matching
N Mevenkamp, P Binev, W Dahmen, PM Voyles, AB Yankovich, B Berkels
Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 1, 1-19, 2015
Non-rigid registration and non-local principle component analysis to improve electron microscopy spectrum images
AB Yankovich, C Zhang, A Oh, TJA Slater, F Azough, R Freer, SJ Haigh, ...
Nanotechnology 27 (36), 364001, 2016
Metasurfaces and colloidal suspensions composed of 3D chiral Si nanoresonators
R Verre, L Shao, N Odebo Länk, P Karpinski, AB Yankovich, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (29), 1701352, 2017
Electron scattering mechanisms in GZO films grown on a-sapphire substrates by plasma-enhanced molecular beam epitaxy
HY Liu, V Avrutin, N Izyumskaya, Ü Özgür, AB Yankovich, AV Kvit, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (10), 2012
Donor behavior of Sb in ZnO
HY Liu, N Izyumskaya, V Avrutin, Ü Özgür, AB Yankovich, AV Kvit, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (3), 2012
Integrated computational and experimental structure refinement for nanoparticles
M Yu, AB Yankovich, A Kaczmarowski, D Morgan, PM Voyles
ACS nano 10 (4), 4031-4038, 2016
Counterintuitive reconstruction of the polar O-terminated ZnO surface with zinc vacancies and hydrogen
R Jacobs, B Zheng, B Puchala, PM Voyles, AB Yankovich, D Morgan
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (22), 4483-4487, 2016
High-precision scanning transmission electron microscopy at coarse pixel sampling for reduced electron dose
AB Yankovich, B Berkels, W Dahmen, P Binev, PM Voyles
Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 1, 1-5, 2015
Multidimensional hybridization of dark surface plasmons
AB Yankovich, R Verre, E Olsén, AEO Persson, V Trinh, G Dovner, M Kall, ...
ACS nano 11 (4), 4265-4274, 2017
Hexagonal-based pyramid void defects in GaN and InGaN
AB Yankovich, AV Kvit, X Li, F Zhang, V Avrutin, HY Liu, N Izyumskaya, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (2), 2012
InGaN based light emitting diodes utilizing Ga doped ZnO as a highly transparent contact to p‐GaN
HY Liu, X Li, S Liu, X Ni, M Wu, V Avrutin, N Izyumskaya, Ü Özgür, ...
physica status solidi c 8 (5), 1548-1551, 2011
Impurity distribution and microstructure of Ga-doped ZnO films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
AV Kvit, AB Yankovich, V Avrutin, H Liu, N Izyumskaya, Ü Özgür, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (12), 2012
High precision STEM imaging by non-rigid alignment and averaging of a series of short exposures
B Berkels, R Sharpley, P Binev, A Yankovich, F Shi, P Voyles, W Dahmen
Microscopy and Microanalysis 18 (S2), 300-301, 2012
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