Martin Birkett
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Fused deposition modelling: Current status, methodology, applications and future prospects
A Cano-Vicent, MM Tambuwala, SS Hassan, D Barh, AAA Aljabali, ...
Additive Manufacturing 47, 102378, 2021
Effect of Varying Mixing Ratios and Pre-Heat Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane (PU) Foam
C Oppon, PM Hackney, I Shyha, M Birkett
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Investigation into the development of an additive manufacturing technique for the production of fibre composite products
L Bade, PM Hackney, I Shyha, M Birkett
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Recent advances in metal-based antimicrobial coatings for high-touch surfaces
M Birkett, L Dover, C Cherian Lukose, A Wasy Zia, MM Tambuwala, ...
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Low temperature tensile lap-shear testing of adhesively bonded polyethylene pipe
J LeBono, L Barton, M Birkett
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Fourth‐generation glucose sensors composed of copper nanostructures for diabetes management: A critical review
GA Naikoo, T Awan, H Salim, F Arshad, IU Hassan, MZ Pedram, ...
Bioengineering & Translational Medicine 7 (1), e10248, 2022
Laser trimming of CuAlMo thin-film resistors: effect of laser processing parameters
M Birkett, R Penlington
Journal of electronic materials 41, 2169-2177, 2012
Deposition of diamond-like carbon coatings: Conventional to non-conventional approaches for emerging markets
AW Zia, M Birkett
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Investigation of the effect of hydrogen and methane on combustion of multicomponent syngas mixtures using a constructed reduced chemical kinetics mechanism
N Stylianidis, U Azimov, M Birkett
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Thin film resistive materials: past, present and future
CC Lukose, G Zoppi, M Birkett
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Laser trim pattern optimization for CuAlMo thin-film resistors
M Birkett, R Penlington
IEEE Transactions on components, packaging and manufacturing technology 3 (3 …, 2012
Feasibility study and design of an ocean wave power generation station integrated with a decommissioned offshore oil platform in UK waters
U Azimov, M Birkett
International Journal of Energy and Environment 8 (2), 161-174, 2017
An integrated approach incorporating lean six sigma and life cycle assessment to support sustainable manufacturing
H Fargani, WM Cheung, R Hasan, M Birkett
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Resistor trimming geometry; past, present and future
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2D materials, synthesis, characterization and toxicity: A critical review
GA Naikoo, F Arshad, M Almas, IU Hassan, MZ Pedram, AAA Aljabali, ...
Chemico-Biological Interactions, 110081, 2022
Progress in-situ synthesis of graphitic carbon nanoparticles with physical vapour deposition
AW Zia, M Birkett, MA Badshah, M Iqbal
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A Numerical and experimental study of adhesively-bonded polyethylene pipelines
A Guilpin, G Franciere, L Barton, M Blacklock, M Birkett
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Tuning the antimicrobial behaviour of Cu85Zr15 thin films in “wet” and “dry” conditions through structural modifications
VM Villapún, CC Lukose, M Birkett, LG Dover, S González
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M Birkett, J Brooker, R Penlington, A Wilson, K Tan
IET Science, Measurement & Technology 2 (5), 304-309, 2008
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