Rikard Frederiksen
Rikard Frederiksen
Jules Stein Eye Intitute, UCLA
E-mail megerősítve itt: jsei.ucla.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Visual reliability and information rate in the retina of a nocturnal bee
R Frederiksen, WT Wcislo, EJ Warrant
Current Biology 18 (5), 349-353, 2008
Light-driven regeneration of cone visual pigments through a mechanism involving RGR opsin in Müller glial cells
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Visual sensitivity in the crepuscular owl butterfly Caligo memnon and the diurnal blue morpho Morpho peleides: a clue to explain the evolution of nocturnal …
R Frederiksen, EJ Warrant
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Activation of rod input in a model of retinal degeneration reverses retinal remodeling and induces formation of functional synapses and recovery of visual signaling in the …
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The retina visual cycle is driven by cis retinol oxidation in the outer segments of cones
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Low aqueous solubility of 11-cis-retinal limits the rate of pigment formation and dark adaptation in salamander rods
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Rod photoreceptors avoid saturation in bright light by the movement of the G protein transducin
R Frederiksen, A Morshedian, SA Tripathy, T Xu, GH Travis, GL Fain, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 41 (15), 3320-3330, 2021
On the retinal diverticula in the tubular-eyed opisthoproctid deep-sea fishes Macropinna microstoma and Dolichopteryx longipes
RD Frederiksen
Vidensk. Meddr Dansk Naturh. Foren 136, 233-244, 1973
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