Xiaolin Sun
Xiaolin Sun
Senoir Scientist, The New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research
E-mail megerősítve itt: plantandfood.co.nz
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Multifarious roles of intrinsic disorder in proteins illustrate its broad impact on plant biology
X Sun, EHA Rikkerink, WT Jones, VN Uversky
The Plant Cell 25 (1), 38-55, 2013
GRAS proteins: the versatile roles of intrinsically disordered proteins in plant signalling
X Sun, WT Jones, EHA Rikkerink
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A functionally required unfoldome from the plant kingdom: intrinsically disordered N-terminal domains of GRAS proteins are involved in molecular recognition during plant …
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N-terminal domains of DELLA proteins are intrinsically unstructured in the absence of interaction with GID1/gibberellic acid receptors
X Sun, WT Jones, D Harvey, PJB Edwards, SM Pascal, C Kirk, ...
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Evaluation of single-cell classifiers for single-cell RNA sequencing data sets
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MEMS thermal imager with optical readout
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The intrinsically disordered structural platform of the plant defence hub protein RPM 1‐interacting protein 4 provides insights into its mode of action in the host‐pathogen …
X Sun, DR Greenwood, MD Templeton, DS Libich, TK McGhie, B Xue, ...
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Enhancer LncRNAs influence chromatin interactions in different ways
Y Hou, R Zhang, X Sun
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DNABP: Identification of DNA-binding proteins based on feature selection using a random forest and predicting binding residues
X Ma, J Guo, X Sun
PloS one 11 (12), e0167345, 2016
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Mutation of Gly51 to serine in the P-loop of Lactobacillus casei folylpolyglutamate synthetase abolishes activity by altering the conformation of two adjacent loops
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A hybrid approach for biomedical entity name recognition
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An E. coli expression system optimized for DELLA proteins
X Sun, N Frearson, C Kirk, WT Jones, D Harvey, J Rakonjac, T Foster, ...
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Expression in Escherichia coli and in vitro refolding of the plant transcription factor Arabidopsis thaliana RGL3
TH Al-Samarrai, CA Kirk, WT Jones, D Harvey, X Sun
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Quantitative analysis reveals increased histone modifications and a broad nucleosome-free region bound by histone acetylases in highly expressed genes in human CD4+ T cells
H Liu, K Luo, H Wen, X Ma, J Xie, X Sun
Genomics 101 (2), 113-119, 2013
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