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Superhydrophobic controlled-release fertilizers coated with bio-based polymers with organosilicon and nano-silica modifications
S Zhang, Y Yang, B Gao, YC Li, Z Liu
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Bio-based interpenetrating network polymer composites from locust sawdust as coating material for environmentally friendly controlled-release urea fertilizers
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Controlled-release urea reduced nitrogen leaching and improved nitrogen use efficiency and yield of direct-seeded rice
S Zhang, T Shen, Y Yang, YC Li, Y Wan, M Zhang, Y Tang, SC Allen
Journal of Environmental Management 220, 191-197, 2018
Siloxane and polyether dual modification improves hydrophobicity and interpenetrating polymer network of bio-polymer for coated fertilizers with enhanced slow release …
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Bio-based large tablet controlled-release urea: synthesis, characterization, and controlled-released mechanisms
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Lignin–clay nanohybrid biocomposite-based double-layer coating materials for controllable-release fertilizer
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Self-assembly of hydrophobic and self-healing bionanocomposite-coated controlled-release fertilizers
S Zhang, Y Yang, Z Tong, B Gao, N Gao, T Shen, Y Wan, Z Yu, L Liu, ...
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One-step synthesis of superhydrophobic and multifunctional nano copper-modified bio-polyurethane for controlled-release fertilizers with “multilayer air shields”: new insight …
S Zhang, N Gao, T Shen, Y Yang, B Gao, YC Li, Y Wan
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Controlled‐release nitrogen fertilizer improved lodging resistance and potassium and silicon uptake of direct‐seeded rice
S Zhang, Y Yang, W Zhai, Z Tong, T Shen, YC Li, M Zhang, GC Sigua, ...
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Modeling and optimizing the synthesis of urea-formaldehyde fertilizers and analyses of factors affecting these processes
Y Guo, M Zhang, Z Liu, X Tian, S Zhang, C Zhao, H Lu
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The long-term effects of microplastics on soil organomineral complexes and bacterial communities from controlled-release fertilizer residual coating
W Bian, L An, S Zhang, J Feng, D Sun, Y Yao, T Shen, Y Yang, M Zhang
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Novel environment-friendly superhydrophobic bio-based polymer derived from liquefied corncob for controlled-released fertilizer
S Zhang, T Shen, Y Yang, X Ma, B Gao, YC Li, P Wang
Progress in Organic Coatings 151, 106018, 2021
Nano-soy-protein microcapsule-enabled self-healing biopolyurethane-coated controlled-release fertilizer: preparation, performance, and mechanism
Z Yu, Y Yang, C Wang, G Shi, J Xie, B Gao, YC Li, Y Wan, D Cheng, ...
Materials Today Chemistry 20, 100413, 2021
Activation of humic acid in lignite using molybdate-phosphorus hierarchical hollow nanosphere catalyst oxidation: molecular characterization and rice seed germination-promoting …
Y Tang, S Hou, Y Yang, D Cheng, B Gao, Y Wan, YC Li, Y Yao, S Zhang, ...
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68 (47), 13620-13631, 2020
A global perspective on soil science education at third educational level; knowledge, practice, skills and challenges
P Charzyński, M Urbańska, GF Capra, A Ganga, P Holmes, ...
Geoderma 425, 116053, 2022
Improved holding and releasing capacities of coal gangue toward phosphate through alkali-activation
T Ye, X Min, X Li, S Zhang, Y Gao
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Biowaste-derived, nanohybrid-reinforced double-function slow-release fertilizer with metal-adsorptive function
S Zhang, M Yang, S Meng, Y Yang, YC Li, Z Tong
Chemical Engineering Journal 450, 138084, 2022
Multifunctional Iron–Humic Acid Fertilizer from Ball Milling Double-Shelled Fe–N-doped Hollow Mesoporous Carbon Microspheres with Lignite
Y Tang, Y Yang, S Hou, D Cheng, Y Yao, S Zhang, J Xie, X Wang, X Ma, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (2), 717-731, 2021
Adsorption, transformation, and colloid-facilitated transport of nano-zero-valent iron in soils
S Zhang, X Li, Y Yang, Y Li, J Chen, F Ding
Environmental Pollutants and Bioavailability 31 (1), 208-218, 2019
Bio-based Polyurethane Based on a Dynamic Covalent Network with Damage Tolerance for Controlled Release of Fertilizers
Z Yu, D Cheng, B Gao, Y Yao, C Liu, J Li, C Wang, J Xie, S Zhang, Z Li, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (50), 56046-56055, 2022
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