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Recent progress in 2D group-VA semiconductors: from theory to experiment
S Zhang, S Guo, Z Chen, Y Wang, H Gao, J Gómez-Herrero, P Ares, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (3), 982-1021, 2018
2D V‐V binary materials: status and challenges
S Guo, Y Zhang, Y Ge, S Zhang, H Zeng, H Zhang
Advanced Materials 31 (39), 1902352, 2019
Few-layer antimonene: anisotropic expansion and reversible crystalline-phase evolution enable large-capacity and long-life Na-ion batteries
W Tian, S Zhang, C Huo, D Zhu, Q Li, L Wang, X Ren, L Xie, S Guo, ...
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Advances of 2D bismuth in energy sciences
X Liu, S Zhang, S Guo, B Cai, SA Yang, F Shan, M Pumera, H Zeng
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Ultrathin bismuth nanosheets for stable Na-ion batteries: clarification of structure and phase transition by in situ observation
Y Huang, C Zhu, S Zhang, X Hu, K Zhang, W Zhou, S Guo, F Xu, H Zeng
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Two-dimensional SiP: an unexplored direct band-gap semiconductor
S Zhang, S Guo, Y Huang, Z Zhu, B Cai, M Xie, W Zhou, H Zeng
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Designing sub-10-nm Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors via Ballistic Transport and Disparate Effective Mass: The Case of Two-Dimensional
W Zhou, S Zhang, S Guo, Y Wang, J Lu, X Ming, Z Li, H Qu, H Zeng
Physical Review Applied 13 (4), 044066, 2020
Ultrathin tellurium dioxide: emerging direct bandgap semiconductor with high-mobility transport anisotropy
S Guo, Z Zhu, X Hu, W Zhou, X Song, S Zhang, K Zhang, H Zeng
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Anisotropic in‐plane ballistic transport in monolayer black arsenic‐phosphorus fets
W Zhou, S Zhang, Y Wang, S Guo, H Qu, P Bai, Z Li, H Zeng
Advanced Electronic Materials 6 (3), 1901281, 2020
Identifying electrocatalytic activity and mechanism of Ce1/3NbO3 perovskite for nitrogen reduction to ammonia at ambient conditions
X Hu, Y Sun, S Guo, J Sun, Y Fu, S Chen, S Zhang, J Zhu
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 280, 119419, 2021
A class of Pb-free double perovskite halide semiconductors with intrinsic ferromagnetism, large spin splitting and high Curie temperature
B Cai, X Chen, M Xie, S Zhang, X Liu, J Yang, W Zhou, S Guo, H Zeng
Materials Horizons 5 (5), 961-968, 2018
First-principles study of SO2 sensors based on phosphorene and its isoelectronic counterparts: GeS, GeSe, SnS, SnSe
S Guo, L Yuan, X Liu, W Zhou, X Song, S Zhang
Chemical Physics Letters 686, 83-87, 2017
A safe and efficient liquid-solid synthesis for copper azide films with excellent electrostatic stability
C Yu, W Zhang, S Guo, B Hu, Z Zheng, J Ye, S Zhang, J Zhu
Nano energy 66, 104135, 2019
Tailoring natural layered β-phase antimony into few layer antimonene for Li storage with high rate capabilities
Y Gao, W Tian, C Huo, K Zhang, S Guo, S Zhang, X Song, L Jiang, K Huo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (7), 3238-3243, 2019
A highly sensitive and selective SnS2 monolayer sensor in detecting SF6 decomposition gas
S Guo, X Hu, Y Huang, W Zhou, H Qu, L Xu, X Song, S Zhang, H Zeng
Applied Surface Science 541, 148494, 2021
Two-dimensional transition metal diborides: promising Dirac electrocatalysts with large reaction regions toward efficient N 2 fixation
X Hu, S Guo, S Zhang, X Guo, Y Li, S Huang, K Zhang, J Zhu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (45), 25887-25893, 2019
Two-dimensional pnictogen for field-effect transistors
W Zhou, J Chen, P Bai, S Guo, S Zhang, X Song, L Tao, H Zeng
Research 2019, 1046329, 2019
Mechanistic understanding of two-dimensional phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony high-capacity anodes for fast-charging lithium/sodium ion batteries
S Guo, X Hu, W Zhou, X Liu, Y Gao, S Zhang, K Zhang, Z Zhu, H Zeng
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (51), 29559-29566, 2018
DFT coupled with NEGF study of a promising two-dimensional channel material: black phosphorene-type GaTeCl
W Zhou, S Guo, S Zhang, Z Zhu, X Song, T Niu, K Zhang, X Liu, Y Zou, ...
Nanoscale 10 (7), 3350-3355, 2018
Uncovering the anisotropic electronic structure of 2D group VA-VA monolayers for quantum transport
H Qu, S Guo, W Zhou, S Zhang
IEEE Electron Device Letters 42 (1), 66-69, 2020
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