Nathaniel Butterworth
Nathaniel Butterworth
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sydney
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Abrupt plate accelerations shape rifted continental margins
S Brune, SE Williams, NP Butterworth, RD Müller
Nature 536 (7615), 201-204, 2016
Geological, tomographic, kinematic and geodynamic constraints on the dynamics of sinking slabs
NP Butterworth, AS Talsma, RD Müller, M Seton, HP Bunge, ...
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S Williams, N Flament, RD Müller, N Butterworth
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N Barnett-Moore, N Flament, C Heine, N Butterworth, RD Müller
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R Chandra, S Cripps, N Butterworth, RD Muller
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G Morra, L Quevedo, N Butterworth, KJ Matthews, D Müller
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Subduction trench migration since the Cretaceous
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A global interactive database of rift obliquity for the last 200 My
S Brune, S Williams, NP Butterworth, X Qin, D Muller*
International Conference and Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia 13-16 …, 2015
Next-generation Geotectonic Data Analysis: Using pyGPlates to quantify Rift Obliquity during Supercontinent Dispersal
N Butterworth, S Brune, S Williams, D Müller
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Abrupt plate accelerations controlled by rift strength: A global analysis of Pangea fragmentation
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Oblique Rifting during Pangea Dispersal: The Rule, not the Exception
S Brune, N Butterworth, SE Williams, RD Müller
GeoBerlin, 103, 2015
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