Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez
Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez
Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, Bioengineering Department
E-mail megerősítve itt: lehigh.edu - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
3D bioprinting for cartilage and osteochondral tissue engineering
AC Daly, FE Freeman, T Gonzalez‐Fernandez, SE Critchley, J Nulty, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 6 (22), 1700298, 2017
Nano-particle mediated M2 macrophage polarization enhances bone formation and MSC osteogenesis in an IL-10 dependent manner
OR Mahon, DC Browe, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, P Pitacco, IT Whelan, ...
Biomaterials 239, 119833, 2020
Gene delivery of TGF-β3 and BMP2 in an MSC-laden alginate hydrogel for articular cartilage and endochondral bone tissue engineering
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, EG Tierney, GM Cunniffe, FJ O'Brien, DJ Kelly
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Three-Dimensional Bioprinting of Polycaprolactone Reinforced Gene Activated Bioinks for Bone Tissue Engineering
GM Cunniffe, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, A Daly, BN Sathy, O Jeon, ...
Tissue Engineering Part A 23 (17-18), 891-900, 2017
Pore-forming bioinks to enable spatio-temporally defined gene delivery in bioprinted tissues
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, S Rathan, C Hobbs, P Pitacco, FE Freeman, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 301, 13-27, 2019
Mesenchymal stem cell fate following non-viral gene transfection strongly depends on the choice of delivery vector
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, BN Sathy, C Hobbs, GM Cunniffe, HO McCarthy, ...
Acta biomaterialia 55, 226-238, 2017
Dual non-viral gene delivery from microparticles within 3D high-density stem cell constructs for enhanced bone tissue engineering
A McMillan, MK Nguyen, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, P Ge, X Yu, WL Murphy, ...
Biomaterials 161, 240-255, 2018
Tunable fibrin-alginate interpenetrating network hydrogels to support cell spreading and network formation
CE Vorwald, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, S Joshee, P Sikorski, JK Leach
Acta biomaterialia 108, 142-152, 2020
Alginate-based bioinks for 3D bioprinting and fabrication of anatomically accurate bone grafts
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, AJ Tenorio, KT Campbell, EA Silva, JK Leach
Tissue Engineering Part A 27 (17-18), 1168-1181, 2021
Osteogenic preconditioning in perfusion bioreactors improves vascularization and bone formation by human bone marrow aspirates
JN Harvestine, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, A Sebastian, NR Hum, ...
Science advances 6 (7), eaay2387, 2020
Hypoxia mimicking hydrogels to regulate the fate of transplanted stem cells
BN Sathy, A Daly, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, D Olvera, G Cunniffe, ...
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Bio-instructive materials for musculoskeletal regeneration
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, P Sikorski, JK Leach
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Multi-peptide presentation and hydrogel mechanics jointly enhance therapeutic duo-potential of entrapped stromal cells
BP Hung, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, JB Lin, T Campbell, YB Lee, A Panitch, ...
Biomaterials 245, 119973, 2020
Defining hydrogel properties to instruct lineage-and cell-specific mesenchymal differentiation
BP Hung, JN Harvestine, AM Saiz, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, DE Sahar, ...
Biomaterials 189, 1-10, 2019
Controlled Non‐Viral Gene Delivery in Cartilage and Bone Repair: Current Strategies and Future Directions
T Gonzalez‐Fernandez, DJ Kelly, FJ O'Brien
Advanced Therapeutics, 1800038, 2018
RALA complexed α-TCP nanoparticle delivery to mesenchymal stem cells induces bone formation in tissue engineered constructs in vitro and in vivo
BN Sathy, D Olvera, T Gonzalez-Fernandez, GM Cunniffe, S Pentlavalli, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (9), 1753-1764, 2017
Three-dimensional printed stamps for the fabrication of patterned microwells and high-throughput production of homogeneous cell spheroids
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, AJ Tenorio, JK Leach
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 7 (3), 139-147, 2020
Engineered Cell‐Secreted Extracellular Matrix Modulates Cell Spheroid Mechanosensing and Amplifies Their Response to Inductive Cues for the Formation of Mineralized Tissues
T Gonzalez‐Fernandez, AJ Tenorio, AM Saiz Jr, JK Leach
Advanced healthcare materials 11 (10), 2102337, 2022
Evaluation of alginate-based bioinks for 3D bioprinting, mesenchymal stromal cell osteogenesis, and application for patient-specific bone grafts
T Gonzalez-Fernandez, AJ Tenorio, KT Campbell, EA Silva, JK Leach
bioRxiv, 2020.08. 09.242131, 2020
A bioactive material with dual integrin-targeting ligands regulates specific endogenous cell adhesion and promotes vascularized bone regeneration in adult and fetal bone defects
D Hao, R Liu, TG Fernandez, C Pivetti, JE Jackson, ES Kulubya, HJ Jiang, ...
Bioactive Materials 20, 179-193, 2023
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