Endre Gy. Toth
Endre Gy. Toth
University of Sopron
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Evolutionary history and phylogeography of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Europe based on molecular markers
EG Tóth, ZA Köbölkuti, A Pedryc, M Höhn
Journal of Forestry Research 28 (4), 637-651, 2017
High genetic diversity and distinct origin of recently fragmented Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) populations along the Carpathians and the Pannonian Basin
EG Tóth, GG Vendramin, F Bagnoli, K Cseke, M Höhn
Tree Genetics & Genomes 13 (2), 47, 2017
Geographic isolation and climatic variability contribute to genetic differentiation in fragmented populations of the long-lived subalpine conifer Pinus cembra L. in the …
EG Tóth, F Tremblay, JM Housset, Y Bergeron, C Carcaillet
BMC Evolutionary Biology 19, 1-17, 2019
Morphological and anatomical differentiation in peripheral Pinus sylvestris L. populations from the Carpathian region
ZA Köbölkuti, EG Tóth, M Ladányi, M Höhn
Dendrobiology 77, 105-117, 2017
Mid-Pleistocene and Holocene demographic fluctuation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the Carpathian Mountains and the Pannonian Basin: Signs of historical expansions and …
EG Tóth, Á Bede-Fazekas, GG Vendramin, F Bagnoli, M Höhn
Quaternary International, 1-12, 2017
Hedera crebrescens (Araliaceae) a newly identified diploid taxon and triploid ivies from Hungary
M Bényei-Himmer, EG Tóth, S Lengyel, I Pintér, GD Bisztray
STUDIA BOTANICA HUNGARICA 48 (2), 225-252, 2017
Novel insights into the genetic diversity and clonal structure of natural trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) populations: A transcontinental study
M Latutrie, EG Tóth, Y Bergeron, F Tremblay
Journal of Biogeography, 1-14, 2019
Tree-rings, genetics and the environment: complex interactions at the rear edge of species distribution range
JM Housset, EG Tóth, MP Girardin, F Tremblay, R Motta, Y Bergeron, ...
Dendrochronologia, 125863, 2021
Leaf gas exchange characteristics of drought stressed linden (Tilia sp.) trees
EG Toth, A Juhasz, SM Dioszegi, M Steiner, K Hrotko
Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 13 (4), 1109-1120, 2015
Taxonomic Evaluation of Hedera crebrescens: A Potentially Invasive Ivy in Central Europe
EI Major, EG Tóth, M Bényei-Himmer, M Höhn
Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 89 (3), 8935, 2020
Intercontinental migration pattern and genetic differentiation of arctic‐alpine Rhodiola rosea L.: A chloroplast DNA survey
Z György, EG Tóth, N Incze, B Molnár, M Höhn
Ecology and Evolution 8 (23), 11508-11521, 2018
Genetic diversity in a historic lime tree allée of Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk, Hungary
EG Tóth, K Szilágyi, A Patyi, Z György
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 69 (4), 1407-1418, 2022
Imprints of selection in peripheral and ecologically marginal central-eastern European Scots pine populations
EG Tóth, F Bagnoli, GG Vendramin, Z György, I Spanu, M Höhn
Gene 779, 145509, 2021
SNP marker development in Pinus sylvestris L. in stress‑responsive genes characterized from Pinus cembra L. transcriptomes
ZA Köbölkuti, EG Tóth, D Jahn, B Heinze, M Höhn
Molecular Biology Reports 47, 4841–4847, 2020
Comparison of propagation methods of different moss species used as wall and ground covering ornamental plants
É Ónody, B Fülöp-Pocsai, AT Mándy, B Papp, E Tóth, M Ördögh
International Journal of Horticultural Science 22 (3-4), 57-63., 2016
Genome-wide SNP discovery in native American and Hungarian Robinia pseudoacacia genotypes using next-generation double-digest restriction-site-associated …
ZA Köbölkuti, EG Tóth, Z Keserű, JH Fike, B Bolla, T Ábri, A Borovics, ...
Tree Genetics & Genomes 19 (2), 14, 2023
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Middle Siberia
M Sheller, EG Tóth, E Ciocîrlan, P Mikhaylov, S Kulakov, N Kulakova, ...
Forests 14 (1), 119, 2023
In silico analysis of key regulatory networks related to microfibril angle in Populus trichocarpa Hook.
ZA Köbölkuti, A Benke, K Cseke, A Borovics, EG Tóth
Biologia, 1-14, 2022
A genomic dataset of single‐nucleotide polymorphisms generated by ddRAD tag sequencing in Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl. populations from Central-Eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula
EG Tóth, ZA Köbölkuti, K Cseke, JD Kámpel, R Takács, VT Tomov, ...
Annals of Forest Science 78 (2), 1-13, 2021
A genomic dataset of single‐nucleotide polymorphisms generated by ddRAD tag sequencing in Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl. populations from Central-Eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula …
EG Tóth, ZA Köbölkuti, K Cseke, JD Kámpel, R Takács, VT Tomov, ...
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