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Martin Gysel-Beer
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Hivatkozott rá
Chemical characterisation of PM2. 5, PM10 and coarse particles at urban, near-city and rural sites in Switzerland
C Hueglin, R Gehrig, U Baltensperger, M Gysel, C Monn, H Vonmont
Atmospheric Environment 39 (4), 637-651, 2005
The effect of physical and chemical aerosol properties on warm cloud droplet activation
G McFiggans, P Artaxo, U Baltensperger, H Coe, MC Facchini, G Feingold, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6 (9), 2593-2649, 2006
The effect of physical and chemical aerosol properties on warm cloud droplet activation
G McFiggans, P Artaxo, U Baltensperger, H Coe, MC Facchini, G Feingold, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6 (9), 2593-2649, 2006
Mobility particle size spectrometers: harmonization of technical standards and data structure to facilitate high quality long-term observations of atmospheric particle number …
A Wiedensohler, W Birmili, A Nowak, A Sonntag, K Weinhold, M Merkel, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 5 (3), 657-685, 2012
Hygroscopic properties of submicrometer atmospheric aerosol particles measured with H-TDMA instruments in various environments—a review
E Swietlicki, HC Hansson, K Hämeri, B Svenningsson, A Massling, ...
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The role of low-volatility organic compounds in initial particle growth in the atmosphere
J Tröstl, WK Chuang, H Gordon, M Heinritzi, C Yan, U Molteni, L Ahlm, ...
Nature 533 (7604), 527-531, 2016
A study of wood burning and traffic aerosols in an Alpine valley using a multi-wavelength Aethalometer
J Sandradewi, ASH Prévôt, E Weingartner, R Schmidhauser, M Gysel, ...
Atmospheric Environment 42 (1), 101-112, 2008
New particle formation in the free troposphere: A question of chemistry and timing
F Bianchi, J Tröstl, H Junninen, C Frege, S Henne, CR Hoyle, U Molteni, ...
Science 352 (6289), 1109-1112, 2016
Secondary organic aerosols from anthropogenic and biogenic precursors
U Baltensperger, M Kalberer, J Dommen, D Paulsen, MR Alfarra, H Coe, ...
Faraday Discussions 130, 265-278, 2005
Relating hygroscopicity and composition of organic aerosol particulate matter
J Duplissy, PF DeCarlo, J Dommen, MR Alfarra, A Metzger, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11 (3), 1155-1165, 2011
A mass spectrometric study of secondary organic aerosols formed from the photooxidation of anthropogenic and biogenic precursors in a reaction chamber
MR Alfarra, D Paulsen, M Gysel, AA Garforth, J Dommen, ASH Prévôt, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6 (12), 5279-5293, 2006
EUCAARI ion spectrometer measurements at 12 European sites–analysis of new particle formation events
HE Manninen, T Nieminen, E Asmi, S Gagné, S Häkkinen, K Lehtipalo, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10 (16), 7907-7927, 2010
Hygroscopic properties of water-soluble matter and humic-like organics in atmospheric fine aerosol
M Gysel, E Weingartner, S Nyeki, D Paulsen, U Baltensperger, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 4 (1), 35-50, 2004
Inversion of tandem differential mobility analyser (TDMA) measurements
M Gysel, GB McFiggans, H Coe
Journal of Aerosol Science 40 (2), 134-151, 2009
Coating of soot and (NH4) 2SO4 particles by ozonolysis products of α-pinene
H Saathoff, KH Naumann, M Schnaiter, W Schöck, O Möhler, U Schurath, ...
Journal of Aerosol Science 34 (10), 1297-1321, 2003
Hygroscopicity of aerosol particles at low temperatures. 2. Theoretical and experimental hygroscopic properties of laboratory generated aerosols
M Gysel, E Weingartner, U Baltensperger
Environmental science & technology 36 (1), 63-68, 2002
Closure study between chemical composition and hygroscopic growth of aerosol particles during TORCH2
M Gysel, J Crosier, DO Topping, JD Whitehead, KN Bower, MJ Cubison, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7 (24), 6131-6144, 2007
Hygroscopic growth and water uptake kinetics of two-phase aerosol particles consisting of ammonium sulfate, adipic and humic acid mixtures
S Sjogren, M Gysel, E Weingartner, U Baltensperger, MJ Cubison, H Coe, ...
Journal of Aerosol Science 38 (2), 157-171, 2007
Evaluation of the absorption Ångström exponents for traffic and wood burning in the Aethalometer-based source apportionment using radiocarbon measurements of ambient aerosol
P Zotter, H Herich, M Gysel, I El-Haddad, Y Zhang, G Močnik, C Hüglin, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (6), 4229-4249, 2017
Recent increase in black carbon concentrations from a Mt. Everest ice core spanning 1860–2000 AD
SD Kaspari, M Schwikowski, M Gysel, MG Flanner, S Kang, S Hou, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (4), 2011
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