Andrew Merdith
Andrew Merdith
E-mail megerősítve itt: leeds.ac.uk
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A full-plate global reconstruction of the Neoproterozoic
AS Merdith, AS Collins, SE Williams, S Pisarevsky, JD Foden, ...
Gondwana Research 50, 84-134, 2017
Extending full-plate tectonic models into deep time: Linking the Neoproterozoic and the Phanerozoic
AS Merdith, SE Williams, AS Collins, MG Tetley, JA Mulder, ML Blades, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 214, 103477, 2021
Rift and plate boundary evolution across two supercontinent cycles
AS Merdith, SE Williams, S Brune, AS Collins, RD Müller
Global and planetary change 173, 1-14, 2019
Kinematic constraints on the Rodinia to Gondwana transition
AS Merdith, SE Williams, RD Müller, AS Collins
Precambrian Research 299, 132-150, 2017
Global chemical weathering dominated by continental arcs since the mid-Palaeozoic
TM Gernon, TK Hincks, AS Merdith, EJ Rohling, MR Palmer, GL Foster, ...
Nature Geoscience 14 (9), 690-696, 2021
Evolution of Earth’s tectonic carbon conveyor belt
RD Müller, B Mather, A Dutkiewicz, T Keller, A Merdith, CM Gonzalez, ...
Nature 605 (7911), 629-639, 2022
Evolving marginal terranes during Neoproterozoic supercontinent reorganization: Constraints from the Bemarivo Domain in northern Madagascar
SE Armistead, AS Collins, AS Merdith, JL Payne, GM Cox, JD Foden, ...
Tectonics 38 (6), 2019-2035, 2019
Rodinian devil in disguise: Correlation of 1.25–1.10 Ga strata between Tasmania and Grand Canyon
JA Mulder, KE Karlstrom, JA Halpin, AS Merdith, CJ Spencer, RF Berry, ...
Geology 46 (11), 991-994, 2018
Exploring carbon mineral systems: recent advances in C mineral evolution, mineral ecology, and network analysis
SM Morrison, J Buongiorno, RT Downs, A Eleish, P Fox, D Giovannelli, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science, 208, 2020
Closure of the Proterozoic Mozambique Ocean was instigated by a late Tonian plate reorganization event
AS Collins, ML Blades, AS Merdith, JD Foden
Communications Earth & Environment 2 (1), 75, 2021
Neoproterozoic opening of the Pacific Ocean recorded by multi-stage rifting in Tasmania, Australia
JA Mulder, JL Everard, G Cumming, S Meffre, RS Bottrill, AS Merdith, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 201, 103041, 2020
Tectonic environments of South American porphyry copper magmatism through time revealed by spatiotemporal data mining
N Butterworth, D Steinberg, RD Müller, S Williams, AS Merdith, S Hardy
Tectonics 35 (12), 2847-2862, 2016
Long-term Phanerozoic sea level change from solid Earth processes
A Young, N Flament, SE Williams, A Merdith, X Cao, RD Müller
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 584, 117451, 2022
A tectonic-rules-based mantle reference frame since 1 billion years ago–implications for supercontinent cycles and plate–mantle system evolution
RD Müller, N Flament, J Cannon, MG Tetley, SE Williams, X Cao, ...
Solid Earth 13 (7), 1127-1159, 2022
Tectonic controls on carbon and serpentinite storage in subducted upper oceanic lithosphere for the past 320 Ma
AS Merdith, SE Atkins, MG Tetley
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 332, 2019
Assembly of the basal mantle structure beneath Africa
N Flament, ÖF Bodur, SE Williams, AS Merdith
Nature 603 (7903), 846-851, 2022
Pulsated global hydrogen and methane flux at mid‐ocean ridges driven by Pangea breakup
AS Merdith, PG del Real, I Daniel, M Andreani, NM Wright, N Coltice
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 21 (4), e2019GC008869, 2020
Relationships between palaeogeography and opal occurrence in Australia: A data-mining approach
TCW Landgrebe, A Merdith, A Dutkiewicz, RD Müller
Computers & Geosciences 56, 76-82, 2013
Palaeolatitudinal distribution of the Ediacaran macrobiota
CE Boddy, EG Mitchell, A Merdith, AG Liu
Journal of the Geological Society 179 (1), jgs2021-030, 2022
Towards a predictive model for opal exploration using a spatio-temporal data mining approach
AS Merdith, TCW Landgrebe, A Dutkiewicz, RD Müller
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 60 (2), 217-229, 2013
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