Simon Tindemans
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Decentralized Control of Thermostatic Loads for Flexible Demand Response
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Survival of the aligned: ordering of the plant cortical microtubule array
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Model for the orientational ordering of the plant microtubule cortical array
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The diffusive vesicle supply center model for tip growth in fungal hyphae
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Implementation of a Massively Parallel Dynamic Security Assessment Platform for Large-Scale Grids
I Konstantelos, G Jamgotchian, SH Tindemans, P Duchesne, S Cole, ...
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Residential consumer responsiveness to time-varying pricing
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Evaluating composite approaches to modelling high-dimensional stochastic variables in power systems
M Sun, I Konstantelos, S Tindemans, G Strbac
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Low carbon london project: data from the dynamic time-of-use electricity pricing trial
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Microtubule length distributions in the presence of protein-induced severing
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Demand response contribution to effective inertia for system security in the GB 2020 gone green scenario
V Trovato, SH Tindemans, G Strbac
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Reliability Modeling Considerations for Emerging Cyber-Physical Power Systems
V Aravinthan, T Balachandran, M Ben-Idris, W Fei, M Heidari-Kapourchali, ...
2018 IEEE International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power …, 2018
Using Vine Copulas to Generate Representative System States for Machine Learning
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The security of UK energy futures
J Watson, I Ketsopoulou, P Dodds, M Chaudry, S Tindemans, M Woolf, ...
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Security constrained economic dispatch with flexible thermostatically controlled loads
V Trovato, SH Tindemans, G Strbac
IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, Europe, 1-6, 2014
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