Catherine Le Visage
Catherine Le Visage
Inserm U1229, Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton
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Hivatkozott rá
A nano-hydroxyapatite–pullulan/dextran polysaccharide composite macroporous material for bone tissue engineering
JC Fricain, S Schlaubitz, C Le Visage, I Arnault, SM Derkaoui, R Siadous, ...
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A novel cross‐linked poly (vinyl alcohol)(PVA) for vascular grafts
M Chaouat, C Le Visage, WE Baille, B Escoubet, F Chaubet, ...
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Intervertebral disc regeneration: From cell therapy to the development of novel bioinspired endogenous repair strategies
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Interaction of human mesenchymal stem cells with disc cells: changes in extracellular matrix biosynthesis
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Low molecular weight fucoidan increases VEGF165-induced endothelial cell migration by enhancing VEGF165 binding to VEGFR-2 and NRP1
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Laponite nanoparticle-associated silated hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose as an injectable reinforced interpenetrating network hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineering
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Pullulan‐based hydrogel for smooth muscle cell culture
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Coculture of mesenchymal stem cells and respiratory epithelial cells to engineer a human composite respiratory mucosa
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Cell interactions between human progenitor-derived endothelial cells and human mesenchymal stem cells in a three-dimensional macroporous polysaccharide-based scaffold promote …
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Assessing glucose and oxygen diffusion in hydrogels for the rational design of 3D stem cell scaffolds in regenerative medicine
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Toward the development of biomimetic injectable and macroporous biohydrogels for regenerative medicine
K Flégeau, R Pace, H Gautier, G Rethore, J Guicheux, C Le Visage, ...
Advances in colloid and interface science 247, 589-609, 2017
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