Alex Blokhuis
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Dynamics of self-propelled Janus particles in viscoelastic fluids
JR Gomez-Solano, A Blokhuis, C Bechinger
Physical review letters 116 (13), 138301, 2016
Universal motifs and the diversity of autocatalytic systems
A Blokhuis, D Lacoste, P Nghe
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (41), 25230-25236, 2020
All-photochemical rotation of molecular motors with a phosphorus stereoelement
GB Boursalian, ER Nijboer, R Dorel, L Pfeifer, O Markovitch, A Blokhuis, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (39), 16868-16876, 2020
Mineral surfaces select for longer RNA molecules
R Mizuuchi, A Blokhuis, L Vincent, P Nghe, N Lehman, D Baum
Chemical communications 55 (14), 2090-2093, 2019
Reaction kinetics in open reactors and serial transfers between closed reactors
A Blokhuis, D Lacoste, P Gaspard
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (14), 2018
Selection dynamics in transient compartmentalization
A Blokhuis, D Lacoste, P Nghe, L Peliti
Physical Review Letters 120 (15), 158101, 2018
Length and sequence relaxation of copolymers under recombination reactions
A Blokhuis, D Lacoste
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147 (9), 2017
The generality of transient compartmentalization and its associated error thresholds
A Blokhuis, P Nghe, L Peliti, D Lacoste
Journal of Theoretical Biology 487, 110110, 2020
RNA diversification by a self-reproducing ribozyme revealed by deep sequencing and kinetic modelling
C Jeancolas, YJ Matsubara, M Vybornyi, CN Lambert, A Blokhuis, T Alline, ...
Chemical Communications 57 (61), 7517-7520, 2021
Light-driven eco-evolutionary dynamics in a synthetic replicator system
K Liu, A Blokhuis, C van Ewijk, A Kiani, J Wu, WH Roos, S Otto
Nature Chemistry 16 (1), 79-88, 2024
Stoichiometry alone can steer supramolecular systems on complex free energy surfaces with high selectivity
D Komáromy, T Tiemersma-Wegman, J Kemmink, G Portale, PR Adamski, ...
Chem 7 (7), 1933-1951, 2021
Autocatalysis in Chemical Networks: Unifications and Extensions
A Blokhuis, D Lacoste, P Nghe
ChemRxiv preprint https://doi.org/10.26434/chemrxiv.12317273.v1, 2020
Small-molecule autocatalysis drives compartment growth, competition and reproduction
H Lu, A Blokhuis, R Turk-MacLeod, J Karuppusamy, A Franconi, ...
Nature Chemistry 16 (1), 70-78, 2024
Toward Evolution in Chemical Reaction Networks
S Ameta, A Blokhuis, C Jeancolas, P Nghe
Physical aspects of origins of life scenarios
A Blokhuis
PSL Research University; ESPCI, 2019
On data and dimension in chemistry I--irreversibility, concealment and emergent conservation laws
A Blokhuis, M van Kuppeveld, D van de Weem, R Pollice
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.09553, 2023
Systems chemistry across multiple length scales: macroscopic flow via dissipative co-assemblies featuring transient amides
K Liu, AWP Blokhuis, SJ Dijt, S Hamed, A Kiani, BM Matysiak, S Otto
Light-Driven Ecological-Evolutionary Dynamics in a Synthetic Replicator System
K Liu, AWP Blokhuis, C van Ewijk, A Kiani, J Wu, WH Roos, S Otto
Aspects physiques des scénarios d'origines de la vie
A Blokhuis
Paris Sciences et Lettres (ComUE), 2019
BTA stacking with restricted freedom
A Blokhuis
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