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Viktor Józsa
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Hivatkozott rá
Progress in utilisation of waste cooking oil for sustainable biodiesel and biojet fuel production
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Mixture temperature-controlled combustion: A revolutionary concept for ultra-low NOX emission
V Józsa
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Dual-fuel operation of biodiesel and natural gas in a model gas turbine combustor
CT Chong, MC Chiong, JH Ng, MV Tran, A Valera-Medina, V Józsa, ...
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Application of big data analysis technique on high-velocity airblast atomization: Searching for optimum probability density function
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Effect of quarls on the blowout stability and emission of pollutants of a liquid-fueled swirl burner
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Comparison of volatility characteristics and temperature-dependent density, surface tension, and kinematic viscosity of n-butanol-diesel and ABE-diesel fuel blends
D Csemány, O DarAli, SAH Rizvi, V Józsa
Fuel 312, 122909, 2022
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