John Triantafilis
John Triantafilis
Portfolio Leader
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Hivatkozott rá
Five geostatistical models to predict soil salinity from electromagnetic induction data across irrigated cotton
J Triantafilis, IOA Odeh, AB McBratney
Soil Science Society of America Journal 65 (3), 869-878, 2001
Mapping clay content variation using electromagnetic induction techniques
J Triantafilis, SM Lesch
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 46 (1-3), 203-237, 2005
Calibrating an electromagnetic induction instrument to measure salinity in soil under irrigated cotton
J Triantafilis, GM Laslett, AB McBratney
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Mapping water table depth using geophysical and environmental variables
S Buchanan, J Triantafilis
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R Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, K Nabiollahi, B Minasny, J Triantafilis
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Comparison of statistical prediction methods for estimating field-scale clay content using different combinations of ancillary variables
J Triantafilis, AI Huckel, IOA Odeh
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Spatial prediction of soil particle-size fractions as compositional data
IOA Odeh, AJ Todd, J Triantafilis
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Mapping the three-dimensional variation of soil salinity in a rice-paddy soil
HY Li, Z Shi, R Webster, J Triantafilis
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Creation and interpolation of continuous soil layer classes in the lower Namoi valley
J Triantafilis, WT Ward, IOA Odeh, AB McBratney
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J Triantafilis, FAM Santos
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Field level digital soil mapping of cation exchange capacity using electromagnetic induction and a hierarchical spatial regression model
J Triantafilis, SM Lesch, K La Lau, SM Buchanan
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Application of a mobile electromagnetic sensing system (MESS) to assess cause and management of soil salinization in an irrigated cotton‐growing field
J Triantafilis, MF Ahmed, IOA Odeh
Soil Use and Management 18 (4), 330-339, 2002
A spatially constrained 1D inversion algorithm for quasi-3D conductivity imaging: Application to DUALEM-421 data collected in a riverine plain
FA Monteiro Santos, J Triantafilis, K Bruzgulis
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Land suitability assessment in the Namoi Valley of Australia, using a continuous model
J Triantafilis, WT Ward, AB McBratney
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Mapping of salinity risk in the lower Namoi valley using non-linear kriging methods
J Triantafilis, IOA Odeh, B Warr, MF Ahmed
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Field-scale assessment of deep drainage risk
J Triantafilis, A Huckel, I Odeh
Irrigation Science 21, 183-192, 2003
An inversion approach to generate electromagnetic conductivity images from signal data
J Triantafilis, CH Terhune Iv, FAM Santos
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An error budget for different sources of error in digital soil mapping
MA Nelson, TFA Bishop, J Triantafilis, IOA Odeh
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S Buchanan, J Triantafilis, IOA Odeh, R Subansinghe
Geophysics 77 (4), WB201-WB211, 2012
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