Robin Armit
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Hivatkozott rá
Australia and Nuna
P Betts, R Armit, J Stewart, A Aitken, L Ailleres, P Donchak, L Hutton, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 424, 2015
North Australian Craton
IW Withnall, LJ Hutton, RJ Armit, PG Betts, RS Blewett, DC Champion
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U-Pb and Hf isotopic evidence for Neoarchean and Paleoproterozoic basement in the buried northern Gawler Craton, South Australia
AJ Reid, EA Jagodzinski, RJ Armit, RA Dutch, CL Kirkland, PG Betts, ...
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Implicit modeling of folds and overprinting deformation
G Laurent, L Ailleres, L Grose, G Caumon, M Jessell, R Armit
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 456, 26-38, 2016
Constraints on long-lived Mesoproterozoic and Palaeozoic deformational events and crustal architecture in the northern Mount Painter Province, Australia
RJ Armit, PG Betts, BF Schaefer, L Ailleres
Gondwana Research 22 (1), 207-226, 2012
Geological interpretation of the deep seismic reflection and magnetotelluric line 08GA-OM1: Gawler craton-officer basin-musgrave province-Amadeus basin (GOMA), south Australia …
RJ Korsch, RS Blewett, D Giles, AJ Reid, NL Neumann, GL Fraser, ...
GOMA (Gawler Craton-Officer Basin-Musgrave Province-Amadeus Basin) Seismic …, 2010
Structural data constraints for implicit modeling of folds
L Grose, G Laurent, L Ailleres, R Armit, M Jessell, G Caumon
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The ca. 1740-1710 Ma Leichhardt Event: Inversion of a continental rift and revision of the tectonic evolution of the North Australian Craton
TN Blaikie, PG Betts, RJ Armit, L Ailleres
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Provenance of the Early Mesoproterozoic Radium Creek Group in the northern Mount Painter Inlier: correlating isotopic signatures to inform tectonic reconstructions
RJ Armit, PG Betts, BF Schaefer, MJ Pankhurst, D Giles
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Crustal architecture of the Thomson Orogen in Queensland inferred from potential field forward modelling
G Spampinato, L Ailleres, P Betts, R Armit
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Early tectonic evolution of the Thomson Orogen in Queensland inferred from constrained magnetic and gravity data
G Spampinato, P Betts, L Ailleres, R Armit
Tectonophysics, 2015
High-heat geodynamic setting during the Palaeozoic evolution of the Mount Painter Province, SA, Australia: evidence from combined field structural geology and potential-field …
R Armit, L Ailleres, P Betts, B Schaefer, T Blaikie
Geophysical Journal International 199 (1), 253-275, 2014
Inversion of geological knowledge for fold geometry
L Grose, L Ailleres, G Laurent, R Armit, M Jessell
Journal of Structural Geology 119, 1-14, 2019
Imaging the basement architecture across the Cork Fault in Queensland using magnetic and gravity data
GPT Spampinato, L Ailleres, PG Betts, RJ Armit
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Proxies for Basement Structure and its implications for Mesoproterozoic Metallogenic provinces in the Gawler Craton
JG Motta, PG Betts, CR de Souza Filho, S Thiel, S Curtis, RJ Armit
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124 (3), 3088-3104, 2019
Inversion of structural geology data for fold geometry
L Grose, G Laurent, L Aillères, R Armit, M Jessell, T Cousin‐Dechenaud
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123 (8), 6318-6333, 2018
Late Palaeoproterozoic evolution of the buried northern Gawler Craton
R Armit, PG Betts, BF Schaefer, K Yi, Y Kim, RA Dutch, A Reid, ...
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Structural architecture of the southern Mount Isa terrane in Queensland inferred from magnetic and gravity data
G Spampinato, P Betts, L Ailleres, R Armit
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Potential-field interpretation mapping of the greater McArthur Basin
PG Betts, RJ Armit, L Ailleres
PGN Geoscience Report 15, 2014, 2015
Onset of the supercontinent cycle: evidence for multiple oceanic arc accretion events in the Paleoproterozoic Sefwi Greenstone Belt of the West African Craton
HB McFarlane, N Thébaud, LA Parra-Avila, R Armit, C Spencer, J Ganne, ...
Precambrian Research 335, 105450, 2019
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