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Improving Landsat predictions of rangeland fractional cover with multitask learning and uncertainty
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Ecosystem resilience is evident 17 years after fire in Wyoming big sagebrush ecosystems
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Reimagine fire science for the anthropocene
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DA Pyke, SE Shaff, JC Chambers, EW Schupp, BA Newingham, ML Gray, ...
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Fuel reduction treatments reduce modeled fire intensity in the sagebrush steppe
LM Ellsworth, BA Newingham, SE Shaff, CL Williams, EK Strand, ...
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Forest structure and biomass reflects the variable effects of fire and land use 15 and 29 years following fire in the western Cascades, Oregon
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Long-term livestock grazing alters aspen age structure in the northwestern Great Basin
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Forest Ecology and Management 329, 30-36, 2014
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