Khosrow Sohraby
Khosrow Sohraby
Curators' Preofessor of Computing and Engineering
E-mail megerősítve itt: umkc.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Congestion control for high speed packet switched networks
K Bala, I Cidon, K Sohraby
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On the asymptotic behavior of heterogeneous statistical multiplexer with applications
K Sohraby
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On maximizing the lifetime of wireless sensor networks in event-driven applications with mobile sinks
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On the theory of general on-off sources with applications in high-speed networks
K Sohraby
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Jitter calculus in ATM networks: multiple nodes
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Jitter calculus in ATM networks: single node case
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On the performance of bursty and correlated sources subject to leaky bucket rate-based access control schemes
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An analysis of the effects of mobility on bandwidth allocation strategies in multi-class cellular wireless networks
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Rate-based congestion control in packet communications networks
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Finite and infinite QBD chains: A simple and unifying algorithmic approach
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Infinite-and finite-buffer Markov fluid queues: a unified analysis
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On the performance of bursty and modulated sources subject to leaky bucket rate-based access control schemes
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A generalized random mobility model for wireless ad hoc networks and its analysis: One-dimensional case
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Analysis of a rate-based access control mechanism for high-speed networks
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Comments on" throughput analysis for persistent csma systems"
K Sohraby, M Molle, A Venetsanopoulos
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