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Europe’s longest-operating on-shore CO 2 storage site at Ketzin, Germany: a progress report after three years of injection
S Martens, T Kempka, A Liebscher, S Lüth, F Möller, A Myrttinen, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 67 (2), 323-334, 2012
Physical properties of sandstones after high temperature treatment
H Tian, T Kempka, NX Xu, M Ziegler
Rock mechanics and rock engineering 45 (6), 1113-1117, 2012
Physical and mechanical behavior of claystone exposed to temperatures up to 1000 C
H Tian, M Ziegler, T Kempka
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 70, 144-153, 2014
Development of a techno-economic model for dynamic calculation of cost of electricity, energy demand and CO2 emissions of an integrated UCG–CCS process
N Nakaten, R Schlüter, R Azzam, T Kempka
Energy 66, 779-790, 2014
CO2 storage at the Ketzin pilot site, Germany: fourth year of injection, monitoring, modelling and verification
S Martens, A Liebscher, F Möller, J Henninges, T Kempka, S Lüth, ...
Energy Procedia 37, 6434-6443, 2013
Mechanical properties of sandstones exposed to high temperature
H Tian, T Kempka, S Yu, M Ziegler
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 49 (1), 321-327, 2016
Numerical simulations of CO 2 arrival times and reservoir pressure coincide with observations from the Ketzin pilot site, Germany
T Kempka, M Kühn
Environmental earth sciences 70 (8), 3675-3685, 2013
Modelling of CO2 arrival time at Ketzin–Part I
T Kempka, M Kühn, H Class, P Frykman, A Kopp, CM Nielsen, P Probst
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 4 (6), 1007-1015, 2010
Evaluation of long-term mineral trapping at the Ketzin pilot site for CO2 storage: An integrative approach using geochemical modelling and reservoir simulation
E Klein, M De Lucia, T Kempka, M Kühn
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 19, 720-730, 2013
Thermo-mechanical simulations of rock behavior in underground coal gasification show negligible impact of temperature-dependent parameters on permeability changes
C Otto, T Kempka
Energies 8 (6), 5800-5827, 2015
A dynamic flow simulation code intercomparison based on the revised static model of the Ketzin pilot site
T Kempka, H Class, UJ Görke, B Norden, O Kolditz, M Kühn, L Walter, ...
Energy Procedia 40, 418-427, 2013
Assessment of long-term CO2 trapping mechanisms at the Ketzin pilot site (Germany) by coupled numerical modelling
T Kempka, E Klein, M De Lucia, E Tillner, M Kühn
Energy Procedia 37, 5419-5426, 2013
Conformity assessment of monitoring and simulation of CO2 storage: A case study from the Ketzin pilot site
S Lüth, A Ivanova, T Kempka
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 42, 329-339, 2015
Monitoring freshwater salinization in analog transport models by time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography
FM Wagner, M Möller, C Schmidt-Hattenberger, T Kempka, H Maurer
Journal of Applied Geophysics 89, 84-95, 2013
Brine migration through fault zones: 3D numerical simulations for a prospective CO2 storage site in Northeast Germany
E Tillner, T Kempka, B Nakaten, M Kühn
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 19, 689-703, 2013
Carbon dioxide sorption capacities of coal gasification residues
T Kempka, T Fernández-Steeger, DY Li, M Schulten, R Schlüter, ...
Environmental science & technology 45 (4), 1719-1723, 2011
Modeling 3D time-lapse seismic response induced by CO2 by integrating borehole and 3D seismic data–A case study at the Ketzin pilot site, Germany
F Huang, C Juhlin, T Kempka, B Norden, F Zhang
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 36, 66-77, 2015
Sensitivity analysis on UCG–CCS economics
N Nakaten, R Azzam, T Kempka
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 26, 51-60, 2014
Geomechanical integrity verification and mineral trapping quantification for the Ketzin CO2 storage pilot site by coupled numerical simulations
T Kempka, M De Lucia, M Kühn
Energy Procedia 63, 3330-3338, 2014
A coupling alternative to reactive transport simulations for long-term prediction of chemical reactions in heterogeneous CO2 storage systems
MD Lucia, T Kempka, M Kühn
Geoscientific Model Development 8 (2), 279-294, 2015
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