Pietro Gravino
Pietro Gravino
Sony Computer Science Lab. - Paris
E-mail megerősítve itt: sony.com
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Impact analysis of COVID-19 responses on energy grid dynamics in Europe
A Werth, P Gravino, G Prevedello
Applied energy 281, 116045, 2021
Awareness and learning in participatory noise sensing
M Becker, S Caminiti, D Fiorella, L Francis, P Gravino, M Haklay, A Hotho, ...
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Complex structures and semantics in free word association
P Gravino, VDP Servedio, A Barrat, V Loreto
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Participatory patterns in an international air quality monitoring initiative
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B Monechi, P Gravino, R Di Clemente, VDP Servedio
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Significance and popularity in music production
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Crossing the horizon: exploring the adjacent possible in a cultural system
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Modeling the emergence of a new language: Naming game with hybridization
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On the Emergence of Syntactic Structures: Quantifying and Modeling Duality of Patterning
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The supply and demand of news during COVID-19 and assessment of questionable sources production
P Gravino, G Prevedello, M Galletti, V Loreto
Nature Human Behaviour, 1-10, 2022
Finding successful strategies in a complex urban sustainability game
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The evolution of collaborative stories
C Cuskley, B Monechi, P Gravino, V Loreto
Text editing
V Loreto, P Gravino
US Patent App. 17/535,685, 2022
Experimental assessment of the emergence of awareness and its influence on behavioral changes: the EveryAware lesson
P Gravino, A Sîrbu, M Becker, VDP Servedio, V Loreto
Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness, 337-362, 2017
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