J. R. Wallbank
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Cloning of Dirac fermions in graphene superlattices
LA Ponomarenko, RV Gorbachev, GL Yu, DC Elias, R Jalil, AA Patel, ...
Nature 497 (7451), 594-597, 2013
Twist-controlled resonant tunnelling in graphene/boron nitride/graphene heterostructures
A Mishchenko, JS Tu, Y Cao, RV Gorbachev, JR Wallbank, ...
Nature nanotechnology 9 (10), 808-813, 2014
Generic miniband structure of graphene on a hexagonal substrate
JR Wallbank, AA Patel, M Mucha-Kruczyński, AK Geim, VI Fal'Ko
Physical Review B 87 (24), 245408, 2013
Ballistic miniband conduction in a graphene superlattice
M Lee, JR Wallbank, P Gallagher, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, VI Fal’ko, ...
Science 353 (6307), 1526-1529, 2016
Transport through a network of topological channels in twisted bilayer graphene
P Rickhaus, J Wallbank, S Slizovskiy, R Pisoni, H Overweg, Y Lee, M Eich, ...
Nano letters 18 (11), 6725-6730, 2018
Tuning the valley and chiral quantum state of Dirac electrons in van der Waals heterostructures
JR Wallbank, D Ghazaryan, A Misra, Y Cao, JS Tu, BA Piot, M Potemski, ...
Science 353 (6299), 575-579, 2016
Moiré superlattice effects in graphene/boron‐nitride van der Waals heterostructures
JR Wallbank, M Mucha‐Kruczyński, X Chen, VI Fal'Ko
Annalen der Physik 527 (5-6), 359-376, 2015
Resonant tunnelling between the chiral Landau states of twisted graphene lattices
MT Greenaway, EE Vdovin, A Mishchenko, O Makarovsky, A Patanè, ...
Nature Physics 11 (12), 1057-1062, 2015
Silicane and germanane: tight-binding and first-principles studies
V Zólyomi, JR Wallbank, VI Fal'Ko
arXiv preprint arXiv:1401.2365, 2014
Excess resistivity in graphene superlattices caused by umklapp electron–electron scattering
JR Wallbank, R Krishna Kumar, M Holwill, Z Wang, GH Auton, J Birkbeck, ...
Nature Physics 15 (1), 32-36, 2019
Heterostructures of bilayer graphene and h-BN: Interplay between misalignment, interlayer asymmetry, and trigonal warping
M Mucha-Kruczyński, JR Wallbank, VI Fal'Ko
Physical Review B 88 (20), 205418, 2013
Dirac edges of fractal magnetic minibands in graphene with hexagonal moiré superlattices
X Chen, JR Wallbank, AA Patel, M Mucha-Kruczyński, E McCann, ...
Physical Review B 89 (7), 075401, 2014
Moiré pattern as a magnifying glass for strain and dislocations in van der Waals heterostructures
DA Cosma, JR Wallbank, V Cheianov, VI Fal'Ko
Faraday Discussions 173, 137-143, 2014
Tunnel spectroscopy of localised electronic states in hexagonal boron nitride
MT Greenaway, EE Vdovin, D Ghazaryan, A Misra, A Mishchenko, Y Cao, ...
Communications physics 1 (1), 94, 2018
Infrared absorption by graphene–hBN heterostructures
DSL Abergel, JR Wallbank, X Chen, M Mucha-Kruczyński, VI Fal'Ko
New Journal of Physics 15 (12), 123009, 2013
Moiré minibands in graphene heterostructures with almost commensurate hexagonal crystals
JR Wallbank, M Mucha-Kruczyński, VI Fal'Ko
Physical review B 88 (15), 155415, 2013
Imputation of missing sub-hourly precipitation data in a large sensor network: A machine learning approach
BD Chivers, J Wallbank, SJ Cole, O Sebek, S Stanley, M Fry, G Leontidis
Journal of Hydrology 588, 125126, 2020
Signatures of van Hove singularities probed by the supercurrent in a graphene-hBN superlattice
DI Indolese, R Delagrange, P Makk, JR Wallbank, K Wanatabe, ...
Physical review letters 121 (13), 137701, 2018
Manifestation of lo–la phonons in raman scattering in graphene
R Ferone, JR Wallbank, V Zólyomi, E McCann, VI Fal’ko
Solid State Communications 151 (16), 1071-1074, 2011
Twist-controlled resonant tunnelling between monolayer and bilayer graphene
TLM Lane, JR Wallbank, VI Fal'ko
Applied Physics Letters 107 (20), 2015
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