Mohamed Laabd
Mohamed Laabd
Laboratory of Materials and Environment, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Zohr
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Elaboration of novel polyaniline@ Almond shell biocomposite for effective removal of hexavalent chromium ions and Orange G dye from aqueous solutions.
A Hsini, A Essekri, N Aarab, M Laabd, A Ait Addi, R Lakhmiri, A Albourine
Environmental Science & Pollution Research 27 (13), 2020
Congo red removal by PANi/Bi2WO6 nanocomposites: kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies
M Laabd, HA Ahsaine, A El Jaouhari, B Bakiz, M Bazzaoui, M Ezahri, ...
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 4 (3), 3096-3105, 2016
Synthesis and characterization of arginine-doped polyaniline/walnut shell hybrid composite with superior clean-up ability for chromium (VI) from aqueous media: equilibrium …
A Hsini, Y Naciri, M Laabd, M El Ouardi, Z Ajmal, R Lakhmiri, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 316, 113832, 2020
Electrochemical and spectroscopical studies of polypyrrole synthesized on carbon steel from aqueous medium
A El Jaouhari, M Laabd, EA Bazzaoui, A Albourine, JI Martins, R Wang, ...
Synthetic Metals 209, 11-18, 2015
Facile synthesis and characterization of a novel 1, 2, 4, 5-benzene tetracarboxylic acid doped polyaniline@ zinc phosphate nanocomposite for highly efficient removal of …
A Hsini, Y Naciri, M Benafqir, Z Ajmal, N Aarab, M Laabd, JA Navío, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 585, 560-573, 2021
Fe-ZSM-5 zeolite for efficient removal of basic Fuchsin dye from aqueous solutions: Synthesis, characterization and adsorption process optimization using BBD-RSM modeling
BB Mohammed, A Hsini, Y Abdellaoui, H Abou Oualid, M Laabd, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (5), 104419, 2020
Efficient removal of p-nitrophenol from water using montmorillonite clay: insights into the adsorption mechanism, process optimization, and regeneration
M El Ouardi, M Laabd, H Abou Oualid, Y Brahmi, A Abaamrane, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 (19), 19615-19631, 2019
Removal of an emerging pharmaceutical pollutant (metronidazole) using PPY-PANi copolymer: kinetics, equilibrium and DFT identification of adsorption mechanism
N Aarab, A Hsini, A Essekri, M Laabd, R Lakhmiri, A Albourine
Groundwater for Sustainable Development 11, 100416, 2020
Application of Density Functional Theory computation (DFT) and Process Capability Study for performance evaluation of Orthophosphate removal process using Polyaniline@ Hematite …
M Benafqir, A Hsini, M Laabd, T Laktif, AA Addi, A Albourine, N El Alem
Separation and Purification Technology 236, 116286, 2020
Single and multi-component adsorption of aromatic acids using an eco-friendly polyaniline-based biocomposite
M Laabd, H Chafai, A Essekri, M Elamine, SA Al-Muhtaseb, R Lakhmiri, ...
Sustainable materials and technologies 12, 35-43, 2017
Simultaneous removal of benzene polycarboxylic acids from water by polypyrrole composite filled with a cellulosic agricultural waste
M Laabd, A El Jaouhari, MA Haki, H Eljazouli, M Bazzaoui, H Kabli, ...
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 4 (2), 1869-1879, 2016
Etude cinétique et thermodynamique de l’adsorption des colorants monoazoïques sur la polyaniline
M Laabd, A El Jaouhari, H Chafai, N Aarab, M Bazzaoui, A Albourine
J. Mater. Environ. Sci 6 (4), 1049-1059, 2015
Study of congo red adsorption on the polyaniline and polypyrrole
H Chafai, M Laabd, S Elbariji, M Bazzaoui, A Albourine
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 38 (6), 832-836, 2017
Experimental and theoretical studies on the removal of polycarboxy-benzoic acids by adsorption onto polyaniline from aqueous solution
M Laabd, A El Jaouhari, H Chafai, M Bazzaoui, H Kabli, A Albourine
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (32), 15176-15189, 2016
Novel citric acid-functionalized brown algae with a high removal efficiency of crystal violet dye from colored wastewaters: insights into equilibrium, adsorption mechanism, and …
A Essekri, A Hsini, Y Naciri, M Laabd, Z Ajmal, M El Ouardi, A Ait Addi, ...
International Journal of Phytoremediation 23 (4), 336-346, 2021
Synthesis of zirconium-modified Merlinoite from fly ash for enhanced removal of phosphate in aqueous medium: Experimental studies supported by Monte Carlo/SA simulations
Y Abdellaoui, H Abou Oualid, A Hsini, B El Ibrahimi, M Laabd, M El Ouardi, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 404, 126600, 2021
Polyaniline films for efficient removal of aromatic acids from water
M Laabd, H Chafai, N Aarab, A El Jaouhari, M Bazzaoui, H Kabli, ...
Environmental Chemistry Letters 14 (3), 395-400, 2016
Theoretical study of the adsorption of sodium salicylate and metronidazole on the PANi
N Aarab, A Hsini, M Laabd, A Essekri, T Laktif, MA Haki, R Lakhmiri, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 22, 100-103, 2020
Adsorption of benzene-polycarboxylic acids on the electrosynthesized polyaniline films: experimental and DFT calculation
M Laabd, A El Jaouhari, M Bazzaoui, A Albourine, H El Jazouli
Journal of Polymers and the Environment 25 (2), 359-369, 2017
Removal of polycarboxylic benzoic acids using polyaniline-polypyrrole copolymer: experimental and DFT studies
M Laabd, A Hallaoui, N Aarb, A Essekri, H Eljazouli, R Lakhmiri, ...
Fibers and Polymers 20 (5), 896-905, 2019
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