Mohammad Soheilypour
Mohammad Soheilypour
Co-founder and CEO, Nexilico, Inc.
E-mail megerősítve itt: nexilico.com
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Optimal design of four-bar mechanisms using a hybrid multi-objective GA with adaptive local search
M Khorshidi, M Soheilypour, M Peyro, A Atai, MS Panahi
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Buckling behavior of individual and bundled microtubules
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Agent‐based modeling in molecular systems biology
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Nucleoporin's like charge regions are major regulators of FG coverage and dynamics inside the nuclear pore complex
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Regulation of RNA-binding proteins affinity to export receptors enables the nuclear basket proteins to distinguish and retain aberrant mRNAs
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A motion planning for toppling-motion of a TET walker
M Izadi, MJ Mahjoob, M Soheilypour, H Vahid-Alizadeh
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Walking Gait of a Single-Tetrahedral Robot: Design, Modeling and Implementation
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Molecular Mechanisms of the Interaction between the RNA-Binding Protein Nab2 and the Nuclear Basket Protein Mlp1 in mRNA Quality Control
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Molecular and Stochastic Biophysical Modeling of mRNA Export and Quality Control
M Soheilypour
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Exploring the Interaction between MLP1 and NAB2 for mRNA Quality Control Purposes
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Like Charge Regions (LCRs) are One of the Key Regulators of Nucleocytoplasmic Transport
M Peyro, M Soheilypour, MRK Mofrad
Biophysical Journal 112 (3), 510a, 2017
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