Richard A. Watson
Richard A. Watson
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Perspective: sign epistasis and genetic costraint on evolutionary trajectories
DM Weinreich, RA Watson, L Chao
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Reducing local optima in single-objective problems by multi-objectivization
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Modeling building-block interdependency
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The surprising creativity of digital evolution: A collection of anecdotes from the evolutionary computation and artificial life research communities
J Lehman, J Clune, D Misevic, C Adami, L Altenberg, J Beaulieu, ...
Artificial life 26 (2), 274-306, 2020
How can evolution learn?
RA Watson, E Szathmary
Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 147-157, 2016
Compositional evolution: the impact of sex, symbiosis and modularity on the gradualist framework of evolution
RA Watson
MIT Press, 2006
Evolutionary techniques in physical robotics
J Pollack, H Lipson, S Ficici, P Funes, G Hornby, R Watson
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RA Watson, JB Pollack
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Compositional evolution: interdisciplinary investigations in evolvability, modularity, and symbiosis
RA Watson
PhD thesis. Brandeis University, 2002
Developmental bias and evolution: A regulatory network perspective
T Uller, AP Moczek, RA Watson, PM Brakefield, KN Laland
Genetics 209 (4), 949-966, 2018
Symbiotic combination as an alternative to sexual recombination in genetic algorithms
R Watson, J Pollack
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The concurrent evolution of cooperation and the population structures that support it
ST Powers, AS Penn, RA Watson
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A computational model of symbiotic composition in evolutionary transitions
RA Watson, JB Pollack
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Pareto coevolution: Using performance against coevolved opponents in a game as dimensions for Pareto selection
J Noble, RA Watson
Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO …, 2001
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