Mohammad Heidarinejad
Mohammad Heidarinejad
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Equilibrium optimizer: A novel optimization algorithm
A Faramarzi, M Heidarinejad, B Stephens, S Mirjalili
Knowledge-Based Systems 191, 105190, 2020
Marine Predators Algorithm: A nature-inspired metaheuristic
A Faramarzi, M Heidarinejad, S Mirjalili, AH Gandomi
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A radiative cooling structural material
T Li, Y Zhai, S He, W Gan, Z Wei, M Heidarinejad, D Dalgo, R Mi, X Zhao, ...
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The impact of exterior surface convective heat transfer coefficients on the building energy consumption in urban neighborhoods with different plan area densities
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A Clear, Strong, and Thermally Insulated Transparent Wood for Energy Efficient Windows
R Mi, T Li, D Dalgo, C Chen, Y Kuang, S He, X Zhao, M Heidarinejad, ...
Adv. Funct. Mater. 30, 2020
Building neighborhood emerging properties and their impacts on multi-scale modeling of building energy and airflows
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Microbial exchange via fomites and implications for human health
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Effect of urban neighborhoods on the performance of building cooling systems
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Architecting smart city digital twins: Combined semantic model and machine learning approach
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Feasibility of using various kinds of cooling systems in a multi-climates country
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Ventilation and laboratory confirmed acute respiratory infection (ARI) rates in college residence halls in College Park, Maryland
S Zhu, S Jenkins, K Addo, M Heidarinejad, SA Romo, A Layne, ...
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Cluster analysis of simulated energy use for LEED certified US office buildings
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An integrated data-driven framework for urban energy use modeling (UEUM)
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Elemental: An Open-Source Wireless Hardware and Software Platform for Building Energy and Indoor Environmental Monitoring and Control
AS Ali, C Coté, M Heidarinejad, B Stephens
Sensors 19 (18), 4017, 2019
Actual building energy use patterns and their implications for predictive modeling
M Heidarinejad, JG Cedeño-Laurent, JR Wentz, NM Rekstad, ...
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Quantifying the impact of urban wind sheltering on the building energy consumption
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Influence of building surface solar irradiance on environmental temperatures in urban neighborhoods
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Sustainable Cities and Society 26, 186-202, 2016
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