Oscar Belmonte Fernández
Oscar Belmonte Fernández
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Hivatkozott rá
Comprehensive Analysis of Distance and Similarity Measures for Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Indoor Positioning Systems
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Development of an open sensorized platform in a smart agriculture context: A vineyard support system for monitoring mildew disease
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Geometric Simplification of Foliage
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A study of deep neural networks for human activity recognition
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Providing Databases for Different Indoor Positioning Technologies: Pros and Cons of Magnetic Field and Wi‐Fi Based Positioning
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A domain-independent methodology to analyze IoT data streams in real-time. A proof of concept implementation for anomaly detection from environmental data
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Geospatial information infrastructures to address spatial needs in health: collaboration, challenges and opportunities
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Indoor positioning for monitoring older adults at home: Wi-fi and ble technologies in real scenarios
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A radiosity-based method to avoid calibration for indoor positioning systems
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Simultaneous Ranging and Self-Positioning in Unsynchronized Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (22), 5993 - 6004, 2016
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